red alert 2

  1. CrusaderPrime

    Challenge : Combine Command and Conquer and 1984
    Threadmarks: Rules and Reference

    Now, this challenge is based on this forum I found on this website which you can click here. Basely I had made some rules to make it easy for anyone and to avoid a huge OP mess in this...
  2. Photos of Command And Conquer: Red Alert Universe

    Inspired by the photos-from-featherstons-confederacy-tl-191 and photos-of-the-kaiserreich thread. Only this thread will deal with the red alert series. Any photos are fine as long it DOESENT get us in trouble 1.
  3. Command & Conquer, Red Alert 2 How did Pearl Harbor happen? What about Japan in Red Alert 3?

    Hi folks, in the 2000 Westwood Game Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 we see two memorials for second world war: 1st the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC 2nd the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor The Second World War OTL did not happen because Hitler was removed via time travelling from Albert...