Challenge : Combine Command and Conquer and 1984

Rules and Reference
Now, this challenge is based on this forum I found on this website which you can click here.
Basely I had made some rules to make it easy for anyone and to avoid a huge OP mess in this challenge.
  1. Only combine the Tiberian series, Red Alert 1 and 2 and Noah's own take on how 1984 came to be. So don't add any element of Red Alert 3 or Generals as it will be harder to add.
  2. If you wanted to you can have the rise of the Brotherhood of Nod taking over Eurasia and/or Yuri taking over Eastasia for example.
  3. Hitler is gone like the game itself
  4. Optional: Created the timeline about how did we get there with the end year being 1990 or 1984 along with a map of the current year.
Video Reference
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