1. GameBawesome

    Operation Red Dog is a go!... Realistically, what happens?

    (Disclaimer: I do not support any racism or far-leaning politics of any sort. This is merely a thought experiment) Operation Red Dog is one of the craziest plots I've ever read. It was filibuster plan by Canadian and American KKK members and Neo-Nazis, take a bunch of guns and a boat from New...
  2. Bonaparte's Butterflies Revamp: A Realistic Napoleonic Victory, Maps and Lore (ongoing)

    This is an overhaul of my previous alternate history scenario. I feel that alternate Napoleonic Victories suffer the same nostalgic unrealism that often plagues WW2 alternate histories. Much like Nazi Germany, France had no realistic chance of invading the British Isle, fully-subjugating...
  3. European Map of Bonaparte's Butterflies, A "Realistic" Napoleonic Victory Scenario + Lore

    Edit: Amazingly, this image is up on the top of google images for "Napoleonic Victory Map." If you found it this way (as this thread is moved), please click here...
  4. Lothal

    Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Y'all now the deal. Fill an "Earth" map with landmasses, do elevations, climates and other stuff collaboratively. After that fauna/flora, and then create human cultures and go through history. Stake a claim if you're going to do something Just for example's sake, here are some of the other...
  5. Justinian

    Alternate 21st Century: What if the Soviet Union didn't collapse
    Threadmarks: Justinian

    1985- Keith Jones - Historian, Author of 'The Return of Stalin: The Soviet Union under Romanov' The western intelligence community as well as many Sovietologists were astonished when Gorbachev was passed over for general secretary. The reformist factions had been gathering strength and it was...
  6. Thousand-Week Reich - A 'realistic' Nazi victory scenario
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    Ok, so I've already posted some stuff about this. Thousand-Week Reich, abbreviated to TWR, was a series of maps and other media originally posted on the subreddit r/imaginarymaps with accompanying lore as my attempt to create a timeline in which Nazi Germany wins WW2, but keeping it as realistic...
  7. Aaaaasima

    How realistic would it be that Gore invades Iraq if he had won?

    Bill Clinton passed the Iraq Liberation act in 1998, would Gore, if he had succeeded Clinton, had gone into Iraq?