Thousand-Week Reich - A 'realistic' Nazi victory scenario

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Ok, so I've already posted some stuff about this. Thousand-Week Reich, abbreviated to TWR, was a series of maps and other media originally posted on the subreddit r/imaginarymaps with accompanying lore as my attempt to create a timeline in which Nazi Germany wins WW2, but keeping it as realistic as possible and avoiding a Germany-wank. It was also created as a kind of effort to showcase the extent and horrors of the Nazi plans for Europe, like Generalplan Ost, which are relatively unknown even among casual history fans. The series is ongoing, with new additions all the time from me and others, and is even being turned into a HOI4 mod with a slightly modified lore (r/twrmod).

In basic terms, Germany signs an armistice with Britain in early 1941, wins the war against the USSR at great cost, and continues having to fight a guerrilla insurgency in eastern Europe for years as Britain and America build a close alliance in opposition to them. A civil war breaks out and lasts through the mid-late 1950s, with Nazi Europe crumbling slowly, and direct western intervention being the final death blow.

An explanation and a collection of all of my (/u/ap246) maps can be found here: In addition, /u/TheMightyKutKu and /u/aardvark421421 have also contributed with their own maps.

Here are all the maps and media so far in this series in rough order of creation, click the accompanying reddit links to read their full explanation and accompanying lore (highly encourage you too, there's loads of extra background in the reddit threads):


Shows the 'eastern insurgency' and Germany's continued war against armed groups in eastern Europe -



Shows the French civil war with the collapse of the former 'Vichy' regime -



The Atlantic Union, this world's equivalent of NATO -



Outbreak of the German Civil War following Himmler's coup attempt -



Gotenland, an SS breakaway state that gets cut off from Germany during the civil war and the advance of Russian forces -



Zapadoslavia, a united west slavic state created in the aftermath of Nazi Germany's fall and dismantlement -



The Republic of China by 1960 -



The Greater Syrian State, a Nazi ally in the middle-east -



The Third Balkan War, involving a Serb uprising against the weak Axis minor states with Germany embroiled in civil war -



The evolution of mandatory Palestine into a condominium, which is invaded by the expansionist Syria -



Germany's provisional government following a military coup against the remaining Nazi leadership after the civil war -


Operation Flood, the western military intervention in mainland Europe during the late stages of the German Civil War -


In addition to these regular maps of mine, there's a couple of other bits of media that's not the same normal map format:


A page from a British history textbook about the resistance in Eastern Europe -



A 2010 BBC article commemorating 50 years since the end of Nazi Germany and 20 years of Nazi rule in Europe - (no explanation except the image itself)



The front cover and title page from Red Tide, an alternate history novel that's a DBWI in the TWR universe, what if the Nazis lost WW2? -

In addition, kutku and aardvark have also made maps and media in the same universe





Operation Tannenbaum -



German oil production and imports -




Turkestan -


Woah, that's a lot of stuff. Any questions, just ask, but this is all the media in this scenario so far, and I'll probably continue to update this thread if any new media is created.
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What is the situation of South Africa in this scenario? The apartheid still happened? There was another boer war? Or neither of those?
What is the situation of South Africa in this scenario? The apartheid still happened? There was another boer war? Or neither of those?

To be honest, that hasn't really been looked at. Also remember the lore only really goes up to the final fall of Nazi Germany in 1960 a little of the immediate aftermath.
Does Italy have a colonial empire? Also what about Japan?

After the armistice Italy Kept Libya and Ethiopia, and was given Tunisia by Vichy France. Japan attacked the US and lost the Pacific war, they are in a not too different situation from OTL.

This is going to be some sort of community timeline, so expect that different people will post maps and content. Also since the Lore of the mod is a bit different from the lore of the first maps expect a few retcons.
What are things like in Eritrea or Somalia? You don't really touch on Italy much, actually, but I'm really curious about those areas. Has there been a lot of Italianization? I know that OTL Eritrea and Somalia ended up getting a surprising amount of Italianizaiton that was only undone by nationalist independent state parties. Are the Italian successor states in East Africa more or less italianized?

I wish I had any map making skill of this caliber so I could help, but good luck to you all!
Could I assist?

Also what basemap do you use. Do you have a basemap for germany?

Sure you can assist! I suggest you go to the Mod's discord
to get some more up to date info on the lore, again nothing is fixed yet.

I don't think anyone is using a particular basemap, we just search good ones and draw the coastlines and border above them.