qing dynasty

  1. WI: No Dzungar genocide

    Between 1755 and 1758, the Qing dynasty and its Uyghur allies perpetrated a brutal genocide against the Dzungar people. What if this genocide had never occurred?
  2. Who else could conquer China in the 17th century?

    Are there any groups other than the Manchu that could've defeated the Ming dynasty in the 17th century and conquered China?
  3. PC: United Kingdom supporting anti-Qing rebellion

    Let's say that sometime after the First Opium War*, a rebellion against the Qing dynasty that's less... insane than the Taiping Rebellion erupts in China. How likely would the British be to support the rebels? *Using the OTL name, but an event like this might butterfly the Second Opium War, so...
  4. AHC: Save the Kingdom of Tungning

    Your challenge is pretty much exactly what the title says: prevent the Kingdom of Tungning from getting annexed by the Qing dynasty or another power for as long as you can.
  5. Vertci

    The Manchurian Candidate: Asia and the Wider World

    After months upon months of planning, plotting, working and hiatuses of various length, I'm very pleased to be kicking off my first fully fleshed out timeline, The Manchurian Candidate: Asia and the Wider World. This thread will serve as the centerpoint of my timeline and the continuining...
  6. A Russian Dynasty - A New Rome TL
    Threadmarks: Early Contact

    Realistic or ASB? Our story begins in late AD 1681 when the emperor Kang Xi of Great Qing dispatched a diplomatic legate to Russia to negotiate a treaty with the Russians due to the ongoing border clashes between Russian colonists in the native Manchu homeland. Another point of the dispatch...
  7. Who would Qing Dynasty sided with in the Cold War?

    As the title says, which blocs would the Qing Dynasty sided with - USA and NATO or Soviet Union and Eastern bloc, or Qing China goes their own way and founded it's own non-aligned bloc? This is a scenario where the Qing Dynasty China succeeded in Hundred Days Reform, a Chinese Meiji-style...
  8. Who would Qing Dynasty should sided with in World War 2?

    Based on the post by Nathan Bernacki in regards to hypothetical surviving Qing Dynasty, this time on World War 2. Based on information by Nathan Bernacki's and hypothetical surviving Qing Dynasty, assuming Qing China survives WW1 and hold on to their rule over China, With that being said, who...
  9. GauchoBadger

    WI: No Chinese invasion of Burma (1760s)?

    So, what would be the effects of Qing China deciding not to conquer the Konbaung Kingdom of Burma in the mid-1760's while the latter is engaged in a destructive final war with the Thai? Could Burma end up decisively destroying and crippling Ayutthaya for good with no chance of a Taksin figure...
  10. Russia topples Qing in the 1790s/1800s

    Let's say in 1793, Catherine the Great is convinced by her lover to make an attempt to conquer China. Russia mobilizes 40,000-50,000 men and storms Outer Manchuria. Qing totally underestimates the Russians and only send a small army and it is wiped out. By then Qing's military was in severe...
  11. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ili Crisis (1880) escalates into war between Qing China and Russia?

    IOTL, after the defeat of the Dungan Revolt in the late 1860's, Qing China was in the process of reoccupying Xinjiang. One surprisingly stretched incident (lasting 9 to 10 years) was the Russian occupation of the Ili River region in western Xinjiang, serving to secure Russia's foothold in...
  12. WI/AHC: Modern-day Imperial China?

    Inspired by Hendryk's Superpower Empire China. The premise of it is about what if Imperial China survives into modern-day Post-1900s, whether be it survival of the Qing Dynasty today or replaced by Han Chinese dynasty at one point how looked like and fares in times of modernity? How it'll...
  13. Best case scenario for 19th century Qing Dynasty

    Like the title says, what would be the best case scenario for the Qing Dynasty in the 19th century? China under the times of Early Qing were at the most powerful at their zenith under Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong. After Qianlong, Qing China is no longer the great empire it once used to be and...
  14. WI Pope Clement XI authorized Chinese rites?

    In other words: what if the 17th century Chinese Rites controversy went the other way? The big issues apparently were: the correct Chinese terminology for "God," the practice of Confucian seasonal rituals, and the practice of offering incense in veneration of dead ancestors. Suppose the...
  15. AHC: Make the Qing dimasty as big as possible

    The Qing dinasty was the biggest Chinese Dinasty that ever existed, being the 5 biggest empire in world history, conquering places that were never before part of China, like Manchuria. But it could have been bigger. What territories could have the Qing possibly have conquered and what...
  16. What would a Taiping-ruled China look like?

    Hong Xiuquan's combination of heterodox christianity and social reforms created a massive following, and his rebellion captured most of central China at one point. If he managed to defeat the Qing, would he found a new dynasty or create a theocratic republic with himself as supreme leader?
  17. GameBawesome

    Kingdom of Tungning in the 19th Century

    In an alternate scenerio, what if the Kingdom of Tungning was never annexed you the Qing Dynasty, and survives into the beginning of the 19th century. Few questions: How would the Kingdom of Tungning react the changing times? How would they react to the First and Second Opium Wars? Or...
  18. GameBawesome

    Yuan Shikai overthrows the Qing earlier

    What if Yuan Shikai overthrew the Qing Dynasty in a Coup détat around during or after the Boxer Rebellion, and declare himself Emperor. How would Foreign Powers react to this Coup? Would Yuan Shiaki modernize his new Empire of China like Japan Would he create a constitutional monarchy?
  19. AHC: Avert the Canton System

    With no PoDs prior to 1661, how can this trade policy of the Qing be avoided, or at least delayed 75 years or more; and what would be the effects, on the Chinese economy and the world at large?
  20. Incanian

    AHC The Taiping Rebellion as a Han revolution

    The Taiping rebellion brought the Qing to its knees, however, it ultimately failed due to it being a Christian rebellion. While many fighting for the Taiping didn't really care for it being Christian, it failed to turn into a Han revolution because it was not based on Confucianism. In fact, many...