1. kasumigenx

    Francis Xavier in Manila
    Threadmarks: Francis Xavier

    On 1549, after visiting Malacca enroute to Japan, Francis Xavier would reach Manila, however, the populace would be against a new missionary promoting a religion that is unfamiliar to them which would cause some conflict in the population as the population is against Francis Xavier and Francis...
  2. Would Morocco be considered part of Europe if Portugal was able to conquer/integrate it?

    Suppose Sebastian conquers Morocco and it is slowly integrated into Portugal, with a Luso-Arabic language being the lingua franca. Would this alternate Morocco (or at least parts of it) be looked at like another part of Europe?
  3. King Dom Miguel I of Brazil - An Absolutist Brazil Wank
    Threadmarks: The Younger Brother

    Prince Pedro of Portugal was a willful young man, and his early life in Rio de Janeiro, away from the big battles happening in Europe, gave rise to a strong desire to take part in great events. When the Pernambucan Revolution came in 1817, defying the rule of this father in the Americans, the...
  4. kasumigenx

    Zaragossa Upheld – A Portuguese timeline
    Threadmarks: Treaty of Zaragossa

    The Treaty of Zaragoza laid down that the eastern border between the two domain zones was 297+1⁄2 leagues (1,763 kilometres, 952 nautical miles)[note 4], or 17° east, of the Maluku Islands. This left the islands within the Portuguese domain. In exchange, the King of Portugal paid Emperor Charles...
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  6. WI: Portugal became the dominant Kingdom in the Iberian peninsula around the XIII Century

    Let's suppose Portugal manages to enter a personal union with Leon instead of what happened in OTL. I won't discuss how plausible this scenario is. I'm more curious to know about what would happen specifically during the Age of Discovery and the colonization of America. Here is a map to what I...
  7. kasumigenx

    WI: Portugal establishes settlements in Luzon in 1545/1550s

    I wonder what will happen if the Portuguese established settlements in Luzon in 1545 due to one of the Portuguese traders nad navigators there establishing settlements there, I tend to think that it would lead to Legaspi ignoring Luzon in 1565/1570 if it still happens but the Spanish would still...
  8. eliamartin65

    Emma, Duchess of Brabant - An Austro-Burgundian TL
    Threadmarks: Rules

    Inspired by my current Burgundian Empress TL, I have decided to make that scenario a collaborative TL between myself, @RedKing, @Prince of Permsia, @Reyne and @EdwardRex. We won't be accepting new players. Now, onto the rules for this little game: The starting date is March 1452. Each post...
  9. How to keep a continent hidden for centuries?

    First of all, this is literally my first post here on alternatehistory, so sorry in advance for any wrong vocabulary. I did a read trough the terminology page on the wiki, but i might still get stuff wrong. The title isn't a rethorical question. In the ATL, I want to keep an alternate...
  10. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC/WI: French Brazil, Portuguese Canada

    IOTL, Portugal briefly flirted with colonizing eastern Canada (Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia), while France attempted to take Brazil in the 1550's. I'm planning out a TL where I basically swap France and Portugal around: France gets Brazil, successfully throwing out the Portuguese, and as...
  11. The Gybson Boy

    Maria II of Portugal dies in 1901

    Maria II at the age of 10, 1829 Maria II was queen of Portugal from 1826 to 1853, she ended up dying at the tender age of 34 while giving birth to a stillborn son named Eugenio, the dangerous routine of successive pregnancies, combined with obesity (which eventually caused her heart problems)...
  12. The Gybson Boy

    Pedro I of Brazil dies in September 1825

    Emperor Pedro I of Brazil and his wife Empress Maria Leopoldina As the title says, let's say that in September 1825, the young emperor of brazil falls from a horse and dies at the age of 26, less than 3 years after proclaiming the independence of the country he loves so much, at this moment his...
  13. Taunay

    WI: Dutch victory in Macau?

    In June 1622, as Portugal was in the Iberian Union, the Dutch attacked and tried to conquer Macau. But with a completely unexpected result the Portuguese managed to win and Macau remained in its hands. But what if the Dutch succeeded? What would be the immediate consequences in the region? Would...
  14. kasumigenx

    Farnese Portugal
    Threadmarks: Expulsion of Limahong

    In 1575, the ruler of Kaboloan defeated and expelled Limahong from Kaboloan which would cause Kaboloan to remain independent for a long time, Limahong would leave Kaboloan alone, it was rumored that the Kapampangans would have helped Kaboloan against the Chinese pirate, Kapampangans would be...
  15. kasumigenx

    Portuguese Philippines

    I think if the Portuguese colonized the Philippines, the colonization will be much slower and the Portuguese would have rights to Luzon and Sulu due to discovery and alliance, the last Majapahit ruler was allied with Manuel I and Joao III. I think the Igorots might have allied with the...
  16. WI: Iberia was united before reaching the Americas

    Scenario: The Iberian peninsula is united under a single flag sometime before 1492. Main question: How does this affect the colonization of the New World? Without Portugal and Spain separated, there's no direct competition for those lands, Iberia would be the only empire in the world that can...
  17. kasumigenx

    What if the Portuguese/Iberians make concessions with Bruneian Empire instead of colonizing the Philippines

    From what I read in old Portuguese records shown by a historian I know, the Portuguese were friendly with the Bruneians and even explored Luzon during the reign of John III, however that was stopped due to the regency and influence of Catherine of Austria, what if the Portuguese and later...
  18. Discussion: What would be easier to hold for Portugal?

    Just as the title and the poll say, which would be easier to hold, Portuguese Galicia/Andalusia or Portuguese Morocco? What would be the effects?
  19. Taunay

    AHC: More Portuguese colonies

    With a POD of 1480, besides Brazil and its African and Asian territories, could Portugal have other colonies? Before anyone talks about how they couldn't do that because of demographics, you're wrong, @Viriato has consistently shown that Portugal had an enormous amount of settlers and extremely...
  20. ronaldo

    If Brazil maintained its union with Portugal, how soon would slavery be abolished?

    Let's say the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves survived and Brazil continued to be the capital of the Portuguese Empire. With the passage of time the colonial empire would be more and more Brazilian than Portuguese. So how long would slavery in Brazil survive and how would it...