muhammad ali

  1. WI: Russia and Austria Support Muhammad Ali’s Egypt

    During the Oriental Crisis, Russia and Austria took sides against Muhammad Ali’s Egypt as it expanded into territories held by the Ottoman Empire. Even though Russia and Austria weren’t on good terms with the Ottomans, they weren’t fans of a rising Egypt. However, what if Muhammad Ali decided...
  2. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Russia supports Egypt's claims to Syria in 1840

    IOTL, the Oriental Crisis of 1840 sprung up as a result of a standoff between Muhammad Ali's Khedivate of Egypt, which had recently humbled its Ottoman overlords in an armed conflict, and the European Great powers (mainly Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia), over the borders of the new...
  3. Tjakari

    Could Muhammad Ali Have Overthrown Mobuto After the Rumble In The Jungle?

    Bare with me I don't know if it's an historical exaggeration that I picked up somewhere in my time but from the way the story is told about the Rumble in the Jungle it seemed like Ali had enough star power to start a riot after that fight. I'm woefully ignorant about Zaire at the time (the...