1. To Walk With Thrust
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    So here’s my first attempt at writing my own timeline, which is probably going to be a pretty implausible scenario. However, feedback/criticism/nitpicking is welcome, so feel free to point out any mistakes if you see them. Introduction Throughout modern history, powerful nations have sought to...
  2. BillKerman123

    Realistic Soviet Lunar program leading to American manned Mars landing preferably without a POD before 1966

    So, I've been wondering what the possibilities are when it comes to creating a timeline for the N1 program that is a) realistic, and b) doesn't have a POD earlier than 1966. So, because I have no actual writing skills, I created this (rather literal) timeline, and I was wondering what some of...
  3. Artienia

    Remastered Mars Qbam map

    A long time ago i created a mars map. Sadly this was half of Q-bam Resolution (Instead of ~2500x5000, it was ~1300x2600) Today, i have upscaled it and over the course of some weeks i will try my best to make it Q-bam Compatible. Progress as of Writing: The thin line you see is the familiar...
  4. AHC: Put humans on Mars by this year

    No ASB, and keep the POD after 1900. By the end, have humans walking on Mars by the year 2019. They don’t have to stay long, just a quick walk around is fine.
  5. prolemasses

    NASA's Waterloo: A Realistic Mission to Mars Post Apollo
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    NASA's Waterloo October 2, 1983 Kennedy Space Center A crowd had gathered at Kennedy Space Center, larger than any seen since 1969. They cheered as the countdown timer approached the final minute. Miles away, on the pad, a white and black rocket glistened on the pad. Though larger, and more...
  6. Jack Hawksmoor

    Vignette: Fortunate Hoosier

    ___________________________________ Less than seven years ago he was ridiculed for his confused statement on Mars. Less than four years ago he was still though to be a joke. Less than two years ago he was still thought to be powerless. But everything was changing. Now he had the opportunity...
  7. Base Maps of our Solar System

    Are there any good base maps for various places in our beautiful solar system? It would be great to have good maps of Ceres, Ganymede, Mercury, Pluto and other planets, dwarf planets and moons of our solar system. If there isn't already a place to share maps of our solar system, it would be nice...
  8. A guide to spaceflight

    How spaceflight works Spaceflight has its own rules that makes it unique. They can be obscure at times. This is kind of guide to try and make things a little clearer. Hopefully not too pedantic nor too loaded with...
  9. weaverj

    You asked for a Miracle?: A War of the Worlds 1953 timeline.

    so i just got done reading this: Basically, it takes the events of the War of the Worlds Novel and reads like it is an actual history book, complete with pictures and accounts from people such as Winston Churchill and other things. After reading the book and re-watching the George Pal version...
  10. AHC: Multiparty Space Race

    What it says on the tin, with a POD between 1900 and 1920, can you have a space race involving multiple parties (Nations or otherwise) Bonus points for- (the race spanning from 1950s to 1990s and ending with a landing on mars.) (the highest number of players)
  11. WI: More interesting photos from Mars during early 1960s

    What if instead of OTL Mariner 4's photos, ATL probe would send more interesting photos from Red Planet? Something that could suggest that there is or there was life? And what part of Mars should to photographed by probe in this case?