1. On the Shoulder of Giants: Federation of Mali TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1.0: Up to 1945

    On the Shoulder of Giants -Federation of Mali TL Chapter 1.0 Selected Passages From: My Life, My Honor, My Duty - Autobiography by Léopold Sédar Senghor This is my story, the world I tried to build. My successes, and my failures. I hope through me the future generation of leaders, and...
  2. ItsMeAutopilot

    The Hanza By The Hyldreth: An Alternate Black Death Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Heya folks! I'm completely new to this website, but I'm not new to Alternate History. I've been making small scenarios for some years now with some friends of mine. I made an account here because I wanted to post a little something I thought about a few weeks ago, so let's get to it. This first...
  3. African Yugoslavia: Redux Edition
    Threadmarks: Re-Chapter 0: Background

    Background (1940-45) “While In our present day we resent Paris I still must remember what it gave me. I learned of Marxism, and socialism in underground reading groups, and I dreamed of the world to be built in Africa. I dreamt of peace, and I dreamt of close ties to France, yet when I returned...
  4. WI: Mali Slave-Plantation Colony

    Say the Mali Colonize South America and set up plantation colonies worked by slaves both taken from weaker tribes and imported from parts of Europe. Eventually they realize that escaped slaves are easier to find when they stand out from the population so they start exclusively using...
  5. African Yugoslavia: A West African Story
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Setting the Stage

    African Yugoslavia: A West African Story The Beginning and Opening Thoughts December 1st 1944: The Thiaorye Massacre was the touchstone that would start a revolution. Senegalese soldiers in French Senegal, staged a mutiny against France, as the nation had neglected to pay its colored...
  6. WI: Mali Empire conquered by Songhai Empire in 1542

    What if the Songhai Empire's 1542 bid to conquer the Mali Empire had been successful? How might it have affected history?
  7. No Islam on Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Hey all, looking back I'm glad my first thread on this topic went well. Anyways, now I'll ask how a 'No Islam scenario would affect Africa', immensely I imagine. For a POD, once again Mohammed either never begins his teachings, or he just dies early. Whatever works. So here are some of my...
  8. AHC: Independant Azawad(Northern Mali)

    With a POD in 1900 have Azawad(Northern Mali) emerge as independant state.
  9. GameBawesome

    AHC: Second Mali Empire

    AHC: Create a second Mali Empire before French Colonialism in the region.
  10. Aurantiacis

    What if Mansa Musa's Haaj had not Happened?

    Of course, there would be the pretty obvious drastic butterflies, including: -No depreciation of the gold in Arabian and European markets -Mali Empire would still have a crazy amount of gold with their hold etc. But how would this affect Marco Polo's voyage to China? How would this create less...
  11. Atterdag

    What if the Mali Empire didn't lose it's gold mines?

    Portugese traders were motivated to sail around west Africa to trade with Mali for it's gold. When Mali lost it's gold mines to the Songhai, they began selling slaves to the portugese. What if Mali prevents Songhai or any other empire from seizing it's gold mines and thus the slave trade is...
  12. Mali empire doesn’t collapse

    What if the Mali empire didn’t collapse and institute the reforms needed to make sure it survive
  13. GauchoBadger

    AHC/WI: A surviving Wassoulou Empire?

    Is there any good PoD, or set of PoD's, to prevent the sudden fall of Samori Ture's militarily competent (and also pretty interesting) West African state, the Wassoulou Empire, in the 1890's, to French colonial forces? If the Wassoulou Empire does manage to survive in the long term, how will it...
  14. Successful Pan-Africanism (Union of African States, etc.)

    During decolonization, there were some unsuccessful attempts to make pan-national confederations. The Union of African States joined Ghana, Guinea and Mali between 1958-1963, and the Mali Federation joined Mali and Senegal for two months in 1960. I believe there were several more examples that...
  15. Mali establishes a sea route

    So the the Mansa Abubakari ( desired to find the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and sailed off. It's unknown where he and his second Atlantic expedition ended up, with theories abound. Rather than debate that, what if the Mansa established a sea route...
  16. Incanian

    The Diamond Nugget WI Mansa Musa the First Trillionaire

    What if Mansa Musa and Mali had more accumulated wealth than it in reality did, and it was actually worth more than a trillion modern-day dollars, and Mansa Musa was the first Trillionaire in history. I haven't seen many Trillionare timelines, so I wanted to know what this would do. Would his...
  17. Kayin Dreemurr

    WI/AHC: Mali under Mansa Musa I discovers South America

    This is also a sort of plausibility check as well. The challenge and what if scenario here revolves around the very obscenely wealth Mansa Musa I of the Mali Empire ould have managed to, through expeditions, find and discover South America and perhaps even established settlements or trading...
  18. AHC: Mali Empire Arquebusiers?

    If the Mali Empire remained rich and powerful for a couple of centuries longer, could they have developed indigenous gunpowder manufacture and had arquebusiers?