1. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC: Muslim-majority Indochina

    The challenge is to have Islam spread across Mainland Southeast Asia beyond Malaya and the Cham and become the majority religion (at least 60 - 70%). Bonus points if all five countries (Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) are Muslim-majority. Vietnam alone also accords bonus points...
  2. Malaya What If
    Threadmarks: Malaya What If

    My story will be about whether Britain could have held Malaya/Singapore in 1941-42. There are or have been some storylines that flirt with the question, or paint it with a broad stroke, against a background of a much bigger picture. But I want to write in more detail about how things could have...
  3. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942
    Threadmarks: Munich Shuffle 1938-1942 - Hendon

    September 17th 1938 – Britain – Disaster at Hendon After the Anschluss in March of 1938 there may have been hopes that Hitler might be satisfied with his gains and concentrate on consolidating them, at least for a year or two. There was a brief panic about the possibility of a German attack on...
  4. Aceh conquered Malacca in 1628?

    The Sultanate of Aceh, then at the height of its power during the reign of Iskandar Muda, mounted a massive expedition against Portuguese-controlled Malacca in 1628, but this offensive resulted in a devastating failure, with the loss of more than 200 ships and 18.000 men. What if the Portuguese...
  5. ThecrownPrince

    Modern day Sarawak

    Say that Charles Brook does not relinquish control of sarawak to Britain and continues to lead the raj as independent, what would the nation look like today? How would his nephew Raj Anthony I Brook and his son Raj James II Brook rule the nation? What would the relation be between the nation and...
  6. AHC: Higher population for Malaysia

    Like the title says, make the population of Malaysia higher than OTL. The POD is Independence from UK in year 1957.
  7. Simon

    The Kingdom of Sarawak and Malaysia?

    The Kingdom of Sarawak was an independent state that was a British protected state–Britain handled defence and foreign affairs–until 1946 when the ruling monarch ceded the country to the UK as a crown colony due to his belief that it didn't have the resources to rebuild after the Second World...