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  1. Tangles2

    What if there was no major fleet action between the Grand Fleet and High Seas Fleet in WW1?

    I recently completed posting an Alternate Battle of Jutland thread from WW1. The AU basically removed the pre-dreadnaughts from the HSF order of Battle leaving Scheer operating under severe operational restrictions from the Kaiser to preserve the HSF at all costs. In that thread the battle...
  2. Kantai Kessen

    WI: German victory/greater British losses at Heligoland Bight 1914?

    The Battle of Heligoland Bight (1914) was the first major naval action of the First World War and ended in a pretty solid British naval victory. During the rather confused and fog-bound battle three German light cruisers and a torpedo boat were sunk, three further light cruisers and three...
  3. AHC: German victory at Jutland

    What are the plausible ways that the HSF could've beaten the RN at Jutland?
  4. SealTheRealDeal

    Post WWI Imperial German Navy

    You know the drill by now. WWI grinds to a white peace after the combatant nations have exhausted themselves. Only potential border changes are that A-L, Luxembourg and the German speaking regions of Belgium are up for referendum. Germany has lost most of its colonies. What does the German...
  5. Rorke

    Another false start
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    March 11th, 1917 General Staff Headquarters Berlin Smoke lies heavy in the stuffy room as the most important men in the Kaiserreich crowd around the table. Overall, the men wear the heavily decorated field-gray uniforms of the army high command. Most of them do, at least, as there is one...
  6. Rorke

    Heilige Maria: The Death Ride of the High Seas Fleet
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    October 24th, 1918 Berlin An aide strides out of the meeting room in the Admiralty headquarters, sweating profusely. In his hand, he holds an order, an order that will decide the fate of the empire. He takes a handkerchief out of his tunic and dabs his forehead, quickening his pace as he...
  7. SsgtC

    WI the High Seas Fleet Doesn't Mutiny in 1918?

    Ok, so we all know the ultimate outcome: the HSF is destroyed with massive casualties. They were outnumbered two to one and the British had a huge quality advantage as well. But what kind of damage does the Grand Fleet take in the process of killing the German Navy? How many ships will the...
  8. bobbobbins3

    WI: German Imperial High Seas fleet isn’t scuttled

    In 1919, while the Entente was figuring out what to do with the remaining German Imperial fleet interned at Scapa Flow, Admiral Ludwig von Reuter ordered the fleet to be scuttled fearing the ships would be split amongst the winning powers of WW1. Let’s say, for the sake of this thread, that von...
  9. WI: No Kiel Mutiny

    As it says on the tin - let's say that the Wilhelmshaven and Kiel Mutinies never occur or are suppressed in their early stages. The Naval Order of October 24th is carried out, and the High Seas Fleet sets sail to meet the Grand Fleet in a final battle. Who would win this confrontation...
  10. The High Seas Fleet sorties in support of Operation Michael

    What possible impact could a major sortie by the High Seas Fleet have had if it had been launched to support Operation Michael? In particular, as I understand it, Lloyd George had held significant reserves in Britain as a way of keeping Haig on a shorter leash. If the HSF could have disrupted...