1. Ogrebear

    Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Since @Geekhis Khan’s A Hippie in the House of Mouse and Book II, When You wish upon a Frog, plus the Guest Post thread came out us fans have speculated and commented on the Hensonverse story to the point where it slightly details the thread(s), thus encouraged by the author themselves to...
  2. "To Introduce our Guest Star, that's What I'm Here to Do..." The Hensonverse Fan Contribution Thread
    Threadmarks: Keys to the Asylum

    Hi-ho and Welcome Again to yet another Thread in the ever-expanding Madhouse that is the AH-dot-com Hensonverse. By Reader Request here is a Guest Contribution Thread. This is the place where works that go beyond the scope of the Jim Henson at Disney saga that began with A Hippie in the House of...