hawaiian monarchy

  1. GameBawesome

    WI: The House of Kamehameha survived to the present-day?

    The House of Kamehameha is probably the most influential Hawaiian royal family to rule the Islands. This was pretty much a given, since it was King Kamehameha who unified the islands into the Hawaiian Kingdom, founded the House of Kamehameha, and established relations with the UK. However...
  2. GameBawesome

    WI: Albert Kamehameha didn’t die young?

    Albert Kamehameha was the son of Hawaiian King Kamehameha IV and his wife Emma. He was considered the last of the Kamehameha Dynasty, and would’ve became King of Hawaii, if it weren’t for the fact that he died at age 4, and his death devastated his parents. After his death, Kamehameha IV would...
  3. Sarthak

    To Honor: A Hawaiian Graphic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Title + Map of Hawaii

    Hele Mai Ho’ohiwahiwa To Honor: A Hawaiian Graphic Timeline A/N: The base map was taken from google public domain. I have no rights over it. I just add more things over it to make it look better.
  4. mspence

    Hawaiian Dynasty: The Kingdom Survives Into The 20th Century

    WI the Hawaiian monarchy had survived?
  5. WI: Maori ruled British client kingdom in New Zealand?

    The Maori King movement is a small effort today to get a Maori monarch for New Zealand. The idea though of a client, unified Maori monarchy ruling New Zealand )or just the North Island) under British "protection" dates to the first British resident minister to the archipelago James Busby...
  6. crya_

    WI: Hawai'i becomes a British protectorate

    In 1843, due to claims that British citizens with in the Kingdom of Hawai'i were denied legal rights, the British Empire would occupy the Kingdom of Hawai'i for five months. Historically, it ended with peaceful negotiation and diplomacy by the Hawai'ians, but what if, in an alternate timeline...
  7. mspence

    Gateway To Asia: Hawaii Remains A British Territory

    WI Hawaii remained a British territory; how does this affect its relations with the United States during the second half of the 19th Century? Could the monarchy have been kept intact?
  8. Incanian

    The Broken Boards War against the Rising Sun (WI Japanese invade Empire of Hawaii during Meiji Rest)

    So I was wondering what potential areas could Japan colonize swiftly after it's Meiji Restoration. So I was thinking Hawaii could be annexed before America, so what if Japan went to war against the Empire of Hawaii? Who'd be involved? When would it happen? How would this affect World war I...