1. GameBawesome

    WI: The House of Kamehameha survived to the present-day?

    The House of Kamehameha is probably the most influential Hawaiian royal family to rule the Islands. This was pretty much a given, since it was King Kamehameha who unified the islands into the Hawaiian Kingdom, founded the House of Kamehameha, and established relations with the UK. However...
  2. mspence

    Britain Keeps Hawaii

    WI Britain kept the Hawaiian Islands, do they preserve the monarchy?
  3. World Mapping

    Hawaii in a Confederate Victory Scenario

    Let's say the CSA won its independence in 1862 or whenever. What's the fate of Hawaii? Does it still get annexed to the USA, or does it go British or Confederate?
  4. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Insurgency in US-occupied Philippines and Hawaii?

    Congress officially passed the Newlands Resolution, which annexed Hawaii as a US territory, in 1898, in the context of the Spanish-American War. By that point, the Kingdom of Hawaii had been overthrown, and Hawaii had been ruled by white Americans and their business interests since 1893 -- five...
  5. In 1885, as a result of an alternate outcome of the Sino-Japanese War in which the Qing Dynasty keeps Taiwan, Japan sets its sights on Hawaii.

    Aside from conflicts with the United States, perhaps the Japanese could try to restore the Hawaiian monarchy if they wanted to. Anything else is beyond me.
  6. GameBawesome

    WI: Albert Kamehameha didn’t die young?

    Albert Kamehameha was the son of Hawaiian King Kamehameha IV and his wife Emma. He was considered the last of the Kamehameha Dynasty, and would’ve became King of Hawaii, if it weren’t for the fact that he died at age 4, and his death devastated his parents. After his death, Kamehameha IV would...
  7. GameBawesome

    WI: No Great Māhele, effects on Hawaii?

    The Great Māhele was a period in the 1840s, when King Kamehameha III of Hawaii proposed series of acts for redistribution of lands in the Kingdom of Hawaii, which put in the idea of private land ownership and homesteads. It had the effect which made it easier for foreigners to buy Hawaiian...
  8. Sarthak

    To Honor: A Hawaiian Graphic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Title + Map of Hawaii

    Hele Mai Ho’ohiwahiwa To Honor: A Hawaiian Graphic Timeline A/N: The base map was taken from google public domain. I have no rights over it. I just add more things over it to make it look better.
  9. SunKing105

    WI: No Kamekameha?

    What if the fishermen who hit the future Alii Nui of the Hawaiian Islands Kamekameha I while he was campaigning in Puna with a paddle had instead decided to kill him, with the Kingdom of Hawaii stillborn, and the various chiefdoms of the islands remaining disunited? How would European influence...
  10. durante

    WI: The Great Mahele

    The Great Mahele was one of the great PoDs of all time. Kamehameha III of Hawaii literally chose how the all the land in his kingdom would be distributed (in 1848), and also wrote new laws for land ownership. In his shoes, you could create communism, a theocracy, technically if he wanted he...
  11. WI. Japan conquers Hawaii in the 30s

    Let's say a revolution (and possibly a civil war) breaks out in the US in the 1930s. I don't want to go into the details of this, lets just say there's a workers revolution or parts of the ruling class are openly fighting against each other, or something like that. Anyway, let's say the...
  12. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: Spanish Hawaii and the Pacific Islands in the 17th century

    In the OTL, hundreds of Manila galleons traveled through the Pacific, just south of Hawaii. However, many Spanish galleons did not bother to land on the islands because of the Spanish inability to properly explore the Pacific Ocean and to maintain Spanish monopoly on the trade. The Spanish also...
  13. Opinions from a map I made years ago about a United States of North America

    Years ago I made this map, of the 44 states of the United States that covered all of North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The map is not exact, contains some errors and is not the desired result. But I would like to hear your views on some of the proposed entities. Especially the...
  14. TheNixonator

    AHC: Confederate Hawaii

    The Confederate States of America owning Hawaii. How? Remember no ASBs. Are you up for the challenge?
  15. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    Islamic Hawai'i

    1. How could Islam successfully spread to the Island chain? 2. What (predominately) Muslim group would have the best chances of reaching the islands? 3. When could this occur? 4. What affects would this have on Hawaiian culture, both prior to and after being annexed by the U.S.(or any other...
  16. ComradePolka

    Hawaiian Campaign in TL-191

    Does anyone know if there were any details within the “Great War” series about the American conquest of Hawaii (besides the Battle of Pearl Harbor and the take-over there, as seen from Sam Carsten’s view)?
  17. Alterwright

    Days of Infamy: Invasion, Occupation, and Liberation of Hawaii (1941-1943)

    For clarification, this thread is for Harry Turtledove's "Days of Infamy" series, in which Japan successfully attacks Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, and follows up the attack with an invasion of the Hawaiian Islands. This is one of Turtledove's smaller series of stories, with only two...
  18. crya_

    WI: Hawai'i becomes a British protectorate

    In 1843, due to claims that British citizens with in the Kingdom of Hawai'i were denied legal rights, the British Empire would occupy the Kingdom of Hawai'i for five months. Historically, it ended with peaceful negotiation and diplomacy by the Hawai'ians, but what if, in an alternate timeline...
  19. USA without a Pacific coast

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here, but I´d like to see your thoughts on this scenario, which I think seems more or less pretty feasible. Though the POD is pre 1900, many of the questions I ask are related to post 1900 consequences, so not sure if this is in the right place...
  20. Hawaii never Annaxed

    Hawaii is never Annaxed by the US as the Hawaiin-American Polotician's coo is unsuccessfull. The Island sanctions them and holds off the coo once it finds out. Some of the poloticians see the sinking ship and join the Monarch's side. Once America finds out, they sanction the poloticians some...