1. Rajveer Naha

    WI: India used FN FAL, good clothing and it's air force in 1962 Sino Indian war

    Could the above weapon good clothing and Indian Air Force have made a major difference in the outcome of that war? Indian forces in OTL were handicapped by the lack of modern firearms in some case using World War 1 era rifles whereas the Chinese had ak-47, Indian soldiers wore sweaters and had...
  2. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Alternate War Fronts

    Simply put, a series of alternate war theaters and battle that differ from OTL. Any war will do, but the WW@ ones especially capture my interest.
  3. Challenge: Most Violent Post-Cold War Europe

    The Yugoslav and Ukrainian wars were pretty bad already for Europe post-Cold War. However, could it been possible for Europe after the Cold War been more violent? Realistically of course. The scenarios can have roots during the protest movements of the late-80s if needed (e.g. armed conflicts in...