Turkey joins the axis, you'd have a front from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Caucasus

Manned with German and Turkish troops


Pakistan- iran war in mid 1990s

Argentina Chile war in 1978

Egypt israel war in 1981 after peace accord with israel scrapped following assassination of Sadat

Fourth india Pakistan war in 1985 over Pak army support for khalistan
Here are some ideas I had, some I may use in my alternate history later...

- Portugal joins the Allies, and Spain responds by invading. This would be a major battle ground later ITTL, and after the war Basque and Catalonia become independent nations.
- US and UK builds up defenses in Philippines and Singapore in the 20s and 30s. Making them able to fight off Japan.
Now for some WW@ ideas of my own: Fascism takes power more easily in Spain, and Franco joins on the side of the Axis.

- Spain easily invades Portugal, which attempts to fight back but fails.
- Franco sends many troops to Vichy France, knowing its it the lifeline between Spain and the rest of the Axis Powers.
- A campaign to invade Italy is replaced with one of liberating Portugal, and supporting Basque and Catalan rebels.
- As a result, liberation of France is achieved both via OTL's Norramby and by invading from the vanquished Spain.