1. DBWI: Roman Christians try to suppress other religions

    What astonished many people at the time - and still astonishes today - is that after becoming the dominant religious group in the Roman Empire, the Christians as a whole never made any attempt to "turn the tables" and persecute and suppress other religions. Anytime something of the sort was...
  2. DBAHC: Convert the majority of sub-Saharan Africans to Christianity and/or Islam

    While Christianity and Islam have made significant inroads in sub-Saharan Africa, the vast majority of sub-Saharan Africans have clung to their traditional beliefs. Of course, there's the argument that their faiths have changed significantly over the past two millennia, so they're not really...
  3. AHC: Surviving Arianism

    Your challenge is to have some form of Arian Christianity survive to the present day.
  4. WI: Kingdom of Kongo doesn't convert to Christianity?

    What if the Kingdom of Kongo hadn't converted to Christianity? How might it affect things?
  5. DBAHC: Make Jesus a less common Christian name and Muhammad a more common Muslim name

    Your challenge is simple: have Jesus be a less common name among Christians and Muhammad be a more common name among Muslims.
  6. AHC: No "Jewish Deicide" canard

    Okay, the title's a big of an exaggeration. Completely getting rid of the profoundly anti-Semitic idea that all Jews "should" be held collectively responsible for the death of Jesus is sadly probably ASB. What I want you to do is make the "Christ-killer" canard never be more than a very fringe...
  7. AHC: Celtic Christianity as a distinct church

    While Christianity in the early medieval Celtic world did have a number of distinct traditions and practices, the idea that Celtic Christianity (also known as Insular Christianity) ever formed a distinct religious organization is generally rejected by mainstream historians. This is due in large...
  8. Atterdag

    A "real" dark age

    A common myth about the middle ages was that the old greek/roman knowledges were shunned because they were pagan and whatnot, and that instead everything was replaced with christian dogma. But in reality of course medieval Europe was a real romeaboo place and desperately tried to make...
  9. DBQ: Why is Jesus a common Christian name, but Muhammad not a common Muslim name?

    One thing I can't help but find odd is that there are a lot of Christians named Jesus (or some variant of it), but hardly any Muslims named Muhammad. Is there a reason for that?
  10. Eivind

    Why did Lithuania remain Pagan long after the rest of Europe became Christian?

    As the title says. Why did other parts of Europe give up their old religion, while Lithuania resisted Christianity for centuries? Some regions became Christian by conquest, while others, like e.g. Scandinavia, became Christian after their monarchs converted.
  11. lerk

    WI: Larger Eastern Orthodoxy in the US, with a POD after 1800

    I suppose the easiest way to increase the numbers of adherents of Eastern Orthodoxy in the US is to somehow have numerous immigrants coming from Slavic nations, along with Greece and from the numerous Christians from the Middle East. Perhaps Russia is hit with a major famine, forcing numerous...
  12. AHC: Exactly Equal Proportions of the Abrahamic Religions

    As of 2015, the Abrahamic religions make up 55.7% of the world's populations, with 31.2% Christian, 24.1% Muslim, and 0.2% Jewish. My challenge is to make a world where by the current year, equal percentages of Jews, Christians, and Muslims make up the Abrahamic religion's population. To not...
  13. Heirs of Heraclius, a no Islam timeline

    Hello iam golden silver 81 me and my friend Ikkermacht have made this timeline i will be posting i and my fried have written a lot but we can still rewrite many things some things to consider i will try to keep butterfly effects to minimum so that i might not suffer so much in thinkig of new...
  14. JustinianTheGrand

    AHC: Create a realistic "Through Darkest Europe" style timeline.

    Harry Turtledove's book "Through Darkest Europe" has, in my opinion, a very unrealistic pod. In the novel, the Islamic world is very liberal and democratic and Europe is a hotbed for Christian fundamentalism and terrorism. The issue is not the events themselves but the pod that led to them. The...
  15. A Tale of Prester John – A Nestorian Mongol Empire
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    Prelude: In 1216 Temujin, later to be known as Genghis Khan, converts to Nestorian Christianity after being convinced by the many influential Nestorians in his court that it was the one true faith. At first, this momentous event that would reverberate throughout the whole world for centuries to...
  16. Major Christian/Muslim Conflict in West Africa Post WWII?

    With the exception of Nigeria, much of West Africa has a harmonious relationship between Christians and Muslims. However, is it possible that a serious Muslim-Christian rivalry can rip up the region post-WWII? Is it possible for large Christian/Muslim states to be established in West Africa that...
  17. No Islam on Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Hey all, looking back I'm glad my first thread on this topic went well. Anyways, now I'll ask how a 'No Islam scenario would affect Africa', immensely I imagine. For a POD, once again Mohammed either never begins his teachings, or he just dies early. Whatever works. So here are some of my...
  18. GauchoBadger

    AHC/WI: Nestorian Christian Tibet?

    Tibet, IOTL, is often seen as the world's main cultural "hub" of Buddhism and Buddhist monasticism. What people tend to forget, however, is that, before around the 12th century, Tibet was a very plural country that practiced a range of religions also including (but not limited to) Islam...
  19. AHC: Less Christian US

    Your challenge is to make the US less Christian (That doesn't necessarily mean less religious and this is the interesting part.). You can use any PoD(s)*. *But please don't come up with something irrelevant like "One Christian guy who is also American dies: the end."
  20. Teriyaki

    Constantine and Bishop Galasius Endorse a More Inclusive Form of Christianity - 496 AD

    So this past weekend I watched a very interesting documentary entitled "The Female Disciples of Jesus." It featured historians Joan Taylor and Helen Bond as they went through Israel looking for clues as to the female disciples of Jesus. I highly recommend you watch it if you are interested in...