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  1. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Everything Goes Right For Emperor Michael VIII Paleologos

    Your challenge should you choose to accept is to devise a scenario where the Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII has more things go right for him. In otl Michael VIII was a very successful ruler who did the best he could given his current situation, and through cunning and ruthlessness he achieved...
  2. Basileus_Komnenos

    WI: Fourth Crusade But With Bulgaria as Part of the Byzantine Empire

    Assuming say Issac II Angelos manages to decisively crush the Bulgarian revolt, or say its averted with the Asen brothers instead being granted a pronioa land grant, I can still see him getting deposed by his ambitious brother Alexios III. Alexios' misrule led to revolts and by the time for the...
  3. Catherine the Great's Greek Plan succeeds—A look at the long-term repercussions

    In the late 18th century, there was an idea pushed by Catherine II of Russia to partition the Ottomans' European territory, which ran roughly as follows: Austria would receive Bosnia, Serbia, northern Albania, and western Wallachia. Russia would receive Pontus in Anatolia and create two new...
  4. Greek nationalism in late Byzantium

    Can Greek nationalism rise in late Byzantium under palaiologos during 12th and 13 the centuries as it did in 19th century under ottomans due to events like sack of Constantinople and latin rule can it stop ottomans?
  5. Byzantine reconquer Syria and Egypt during First and second fitna

    What if Byzantines reconquer Syria and Egypt by allying with other Arabs against Umayyads during First and second fitna and supporting christian rebellions in the caliphate how would islam develop without ummayads and abbasids ? will this avoid twenty year anarchy?
  6. PC: Byzantine Expansion into Europe

    Assuming that during the Macedonian dynasty makes the necessary reforms are taken that allow the government to run far more smoothly and without any major screw-ups for the empire, how much former Roman territory can be realistically reclaimed and consolidated? In a previous thread it was...
  7. Largest Byzantine Empire by 1900

    Let's say that the empire avoids the Byzantine-Sasanian war and manages to repel the Arab invasion to the best of their ability. After that they have a series of competent military emperors (not necessarily consecutively) that reconquer as much of Europe and North Africa as logistically...
  8. From the Ashes, the Purple Phoenix rises once more.
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    -What do you think of the city? - I asked -It looks awesome! There’s so much here! That “forum” has so many statues, all of them so big! - he replied, extending his hands trying to show the size with them. I giggled. -It was an emperor named Constans who built this right? -No, he was...
  9. Eparkhos

    The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline
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    T H E U N D Y I N G E M P I R E a timeline by Eparkhos In the void left by the collapse of the Byzantine Empire in 1204, the exiled scions of the Komnenos Dynasty were able to stage a victorious return to their homeland, establishing the...
  10. Averious

    The Eagle of the East, Rhomania: An Eastern Roman Timeline (1196 - 1245)
    Threadmarks: Part 1; 1196-1198 - The Grypads Rise

    "Let none say that God's Chosen People have not struggled; yet in His Wisdom, we endure through greatness held aloft by our Basileus," - Attributed to Mathew I Psenas, Patriarch of Constantinople, successor of George II, 1204. -- Hello everyone! I've had a timeline of this sort swirling around...
  11. What if Spain enforced its claim to the title of Roman Emperor

    Spain genetically, papally, and legally have a claim to the title of Roman Emperor. So what if they enforced this claim throughout its history? (Title legally given in 1499 and it entered the family genetically ~1530s)
  12. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: A 19th Century Neo-Byzantine Empire

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to devise a scenario in which Neo-Byzantine Empire is created with a pod from 1815 onwards. This state would essentially be a modern Greek state with a national identity more focused around the idea of Greeks being Romans (Rhomaoi) rather than...