1. Salma Amer

    All queens who had no sons had a son in 1510

    What if Catherine of Aragon had given birth to a son in 1510 Anne, Duchess of Brittany, gave birth to a son (twin René). Germaine de Foix, Queen of Aragon, had a son, Juan
  2. Viability of a Spanish march/province on southern France

    Greetings, albeit being a longtime lurker on this forum, this is my first post. I hope i can stay as a active member for a long time. Anyways, lets say that Castile or Aragon manage to conquer Gascony or Languedoc on the XV or XVI century or inherit them, although probably this requires an...
  3. GameBawesome

    WI: John, Prince of Asturias has a surviving daughter?

    John, Prince of Asturias was the son of Isebella I of Castille and Ferdinand II of Aragon. He was the heir the Crowns of Aragon & Castille, and was married to Margaret of Austria. However, John had a fragile health and an unexpected wrench was thrown into the mix when John died in 1497 at age...
  4. GameBawesome

    WI: Joanna the Mad dies of childbirth in 1500

    In 1500, in Ghent, Charles V was born, who would become Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Spain, controlling the largest domain, which included the newly conquered Americas. His father was Philip the Handsome, a German prince who married the Joanna I, daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and...
  5. Salma Amer

    Enrique IV of Castile and Leon and Blanca of Navarre have a happy marriage

    Enrique, son of John II of Castile and Maria of Aragon, married Blanche of Navarre. They had no children, so he divorced her and married Juana of Portugal. Juana gave birth to a daughter who was suspected to be an illegitimate child and this led to a succession war, but what if the marriage...
  6. Challenge: United Kingdom of Aragon and Portugal

    Well, the title explain everything
  7. What if there was a union between Portugal-Castille instead of Castille-Aragon?

    Basically, I’m thinking of the changes in history if the marriage between Isabel I of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon did not happen and instead she married either Afonso V or John II of Portugal, leading to a dynastic union between those two realms. I've read some threads here about this...
  8. Salma Amer

    Alfonso V, King of Aragon, dies in 1435, as well as John II, and Renato I wins Naples

    Alfonso V loses and ends up dying and his brother dies, leaving a teenage king of Aragon (Charles, Prince of Viana) Who will be the second wife of Renato I? He is a king who cannot marry Jean de la Valle? Who will marry Carlos I of Aragon and IV of Navarre?
  9. SunZi

    Um Novo Reino

    Um Novo Reino In 1474, the Castilian and Aragonese crowns united through the marriage of Queen Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand V of Aragon of 1469, giving birth to the Spanish monarchy. Nevertheless, Castile also got closer under the previous reigns with the kingdom of Portugal by different...
  10. DBWI: Fernando of Castile prevails over James III of Aragon in the Compromise of Caspe?

    As we all know, James II, count of Urgell succeeded to the throne of Aragon as King James III after the death of his cousin Martin. Although it looked like a close run thing for a moment (due to parliamentary debate over which claimant had the best claim) James ended up winning the most votes by...
  11. Bailey of Aragon

    Margaret Tudor, Mother of Aragon
    Threadmarks: 1: 1500 - 1501

    "The marriage of Maria of Aragon to James IV of Scotland would take place on the 18th of June 1500, a little more than a week before Maria's birthday and just a month prior the death of Miguel de Paz, the heir apparent to Portugal, Castile and Aragon. Miguel's death left his father, King Manuel...
  12. Things go slightly better for the Angevins during the Sicilian Vespers

    OTL, the 1280s were an unmitigated disaster for the Sicilian Angevins: first, war with Aragon in the form of the Sicilian Vespers breaks out in the spring of 1282, losing Charles of Anjou the island of Sicily (at the time, no one knows this loss will be permanent); then his son and heir, Charles...
  13. kasumigenx

    Death of Juana La Loca
    Threadmarks: Death of Juana La Loca

    On 1498, Joanna of Aragon would die months after giving birth to Eleanor, her daughter who would be a child monarch of Castile, Eleanor was handed by Philip to Isabella as her successor in Castile when the Cortes has made her the successor of Castile. This would also cement the succession of...
  14. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Katherine of Aragon, Queen of Castile, Aragon and England

    OTL, Juana was queen of Castile and Aragon. What if she had died childless before she could inherit, leaving her younger sister, Catalina de Aragon as her heiress? How is Katherine going to juggle between three different kingdoms when she's also queen consort of England? Is Mary going to become...
  15. Disaster at Ponza, half-baked TL

    Sorry everyone-as I'm not good as writer, especially in foreign language, this TL would remain quite dry and not very detailed. It is not the first time I'm touching that PoD, as it has big potential to change course of history, but is rarely used. This TL starts to diverge from our in August...
  16. kasumigenx

    The heir to Aragon
    Threadmarks: The heir to Aragon

    On May 3, 1507, Germaine de Foix would finally give birth to the son that her husband, Ferdinand II of Aragon wanted to avoid Aragon from falling to Philip IV of Burgundy and Joanna I of Castile’s rule, the child would be named and baptized as John or John, Prince of Girona. On 1516, Ferdinand...
  17. kasumigenx

    WI Palaiologos Aragon

    What if the Montferrat Palaiologos inherit Aragon, would they try to reconquer Constantinople? IOTL they gained a claim to Majorca. I think the Montferrat, sons of the claimant to Majorca could have a male issue that could marry Joanna of Aragon b. 1375, how would a Palaiologos Aragon affect...
  18. WI: Ferdinand of Aragon dies before return of Columbus

    As title says-when Columbus returns from his first voyage he finds that only one of Catholic Monarchs is still alive and Aragon and Castile are not united anymore. What happens? Are next voyages butterflied away or delayed due to troubles in Iberia? Or is Isabella still interested in exploring...
  19. Abd ar-Rahman II

    How much land could the Almohad realistically gain with a victory at Las Navas de Tolosa

    How much land could the Almohad realistically take with a big victory at Las navas de los Tolosa i have seen a lot of scenario were that lead to a semi Re-Reconquista were the vast majority of the peninsula end in Muslim control (wich seem a little improbable to me since Leon didn’t participated...
  20. Abd ar-Rahman II

    WI : Muslim Victory at Alcoraz 1096 / Aragonese Disaster Zaragoza Taifa Survival

    Sinche Sancho Ramirez the kingdom of Aragon become in growing threat to the Hudid Taifa of Zaragoza expanding little by little in the Taifa former territory even if with some setback (the Taifa of Zaragoza was one of the strongest Taifa around and wasn’t exactly defenseless ) in 1094 Sancho died...