alternate history challenge

  1. AHC: Keep the Danelaw around until at least 1000

    Your challenge is as the title says, have the Danelaw last until the year 1000 at the earliest.
  2. AHC: Communist Hitler, Fascist Stalin

    Your challenge is to have Hitler become a communist and Stalin become a fascist, rather than the other way around. They don't necessarily have to end up in positions of power, just hold those ideologies. Just in case anyone asks, I put this in Before 1900 because Stalin at the very least...
  3. AHC: 1992 Election Michael Dukakis vs Ron Paul

    As it says in the title your challenge today is to make the 1992 election between Michael Dukakis and Ron Paul good luck.
  4. AHC: Save the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata

    Your challenge is to have the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata survive until at least 1900.
  5. TobyTerbium123

    AHC/WI: Clefairy as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise

    We all know about the Pokémon franchise. Its one of the world's most largest media franchises, with lots of video games, a successful anime, movies and merchandise. Pikachu is also one of the best-known species of Pokémon and has been gone on to become a major character of the Pokémon franchise...
  6. TobyTerbium123

    AHC/WI: Different fangames

    I’m a fan of video games and the TL’s made of them on here. I also like fangames of certain franchises like Sonic, which leads us to the subject of this thread. Is it possible for a alternate TL to have different fangames from OTL?
  7. AHC: Sargent Shriver elected President in 1968

    Your challenge is to get Sargent Shriver elected President in 1968 with a POD no later than 1960 good luck.
  8. TobyTerbium123

    AHC: Make the 32X successful

    We all know that the 32-bit add-on to the Mega Drive, the 32X, was both a commercial and critical failure, because of its shallow game library, poor market timing and its market fragmentation of the Mega Drive. So, how can I make the 32X be successful? How can I make that happen without ASB?
  9. AHC: Druids survive into the Medieval era

    Depending on what theories you believe, this challenge may have been accomplished IOTL. However, your challenge is to make it happen unambiguously.
  10. AHC: MTV stays focused on music

    Starting out as a channel that showed music-related content in general and music videos in particular, MTV has slowly but surely abandoned its original premise. Granted, some of the non-music programming was and is genuinely good, but that doesn't stop people from waxing nostalgic about the time...
  11. AHC: Keep Phoenician culture alive

    While the Phoenicians had an enormous impact on the Mediterranean world, their culture is dead. Your challenge is to keep it alive in some form.
  12. AHC: A Sub-Saharan African empire with territory in Europe

    Your challenge is to have there be an empire based in Sub-Saharan Africa and ruled by sub-Saharan Africans with at least some territory in Europe.
  13. AHC: Keep the History Channel focused on history

    The History Channel is right up there with MTV in terms of TV channels that have all but abandoned their original purpose. Nowadays, the channel is focused on docu-soaps, Reality TV, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal. Once mocked as "The Hitler Channel" due to its intense focus on the...
  14. AHC: Harold Stassen elected President in 1980

    Hello, fellow alternate historians, your challenge should you may choose to accept is one of most difficult the challenge. Have perennial candidate Harold Stassen get elected President in 1980 instead of Ronald Reagan have fun.
  15. Balkanized U.S.A

    Map Challenge Thread I

    For map challenges (i,e. "Break up the Soviet Union like this" or "make Europe have these borders by 1946"). First Challenge (for my thing): Make a map of a scenario where the USSR, before 1939, gains more SSR's to the west. Poland and Finland are encouraged.
  16. AHC: Make the Romansh Switzerland's dominant ethnic group

    Most people think of Switzerland's population as a mixture of French, Germans, and Italians. However, there's another Swiss ethnic group that often gets overlooked: the Romansh, a Romance ethnic group that makes up less than 1% of the Swiss population. Your challenge is to have the Romansh be...
  17. AHC: Indigenous Australians expand into the Pacific

    Your challenge is relatively straightforward: have indigenous Australians begin expanding into the Pacific Ocean. I'm including both Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders under the umbrella of "Indigenous Australians".
  18. AHC: Save a notorious flop

    Virtually every medium has a creative work that has become synonymous with commercial failure. Theater has Carrie: The Musical. Film has Heaven's Gate. TV has Supertrain. These and many others have become virtually synonymous with the term bomb. Your challenge is to take an infamous turkey and...
  19. AHC: Viable Tsar Tank

    Your challenge is to make the infamous Tsar Tank viable as a weapon of war.
  20. AHC: Reverse the courses of the Qing dynasty and the Mughal Empire

    At the beginning of the 18th century, the Mughal Empire and the Qing dynasty were two of the greatest powers in Asia. By the end of the 19th, however, the former had been dissolved by the British, while the latter was a shell of its former self and little more than a decade from itself being...