alternate geography

  1. Alternate Locations for Mount Rushmore

    In OTL, it was built on Black Hills by Doane Robinson for the purpose of "promoting" tourism in South Dakota, as it was quoted: "not only the wild grandeur of its local geography but also the triumph of western civilization over that geography through its anthropomorphic representation." But...
  2. What if the Amazon rainforest were flat plains like the Pampas? What effect would this have on Brazil and the rest of South America?

    This question butterflies away the importance the rainforest plays in the ecosystem (let’s just say another massive rainforest exists in another part of the world)
  3. Telamon Tabulicus

    Diversity Maximized World Map | Atlas Altera
    Threadmarks: Explanation

    Hi all, I've been lurking around in this forum for years but I never felt like I fit in. Though I'm quite interested in history, my other interests are a little different. Over the years, I've been quietly working away at my own alternate history project, which I call Atlas Altera. Now that I'm...
  4. The Western Expanse

    A group of other AH fans and I work on an alternate history scenario on Discord and I want to hear your thoughts. It goes as such. Over 100 million years ago, the Farallon Plate subducted at a shallow angle under America. The definite reason why is still a mystery to science. This subduction...
  5. Earth 172

    Hello all, this is my first post on I hail from the r/ImaginaryMaps discord server, and I have an alt-geo project I’ve been working on. Please, critique is invited! Thanks for your time!
  6. The 5 Continents (Blank Worlda Map)

    So I've recently been obsessed with mythical and lost continents aswell as alternate geography, so I've edited together a map with various mythical and sunken real-life continents. Most of these continents weren't made by me, but instead were edited together from various maps from deviantart. I...
  7. Anarcho-Occultist

    Alternate UN Headquarters Location

    In our world, the UN is headquartered in New York City on a plot of land provided by Nelson Rockefeller. However, with a point of divergence anytime after World War II, where could the UN headquarters be located besides NYC?
  8. Petike

    Air Power : Battle in the Skies

    Anybody heard of this old 90s DOS flight sim from Rowan Software ? It's basically a hard fantasy version of Crimson Skies. With dieselpunkish monarchies and whatnot (kind of like some of the older projects Krall has made for his...
  9. New Year's AH Snipets - Alternate 2006 1

    2006 in Parallel Alternate versions of 2006 Alternate 1 27 January 2006 "There are reports of fighting in the Tasman Sea between Aotearoa and New East Anglia..." Daniel Brennan turned up the ABC radio report. If there was a skirmish between the 2 nations, it was likely that Australia would get...
  10. New East Anglia - A Geological WI with a nation

    New East Anglia Location: 2 islands, with a total area half the size of Tasmania, in the Tasman Sea, halfway between Tasmania and New Zealand. 1 of the Islands is discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770, shortly before he goes on to discover Botany Bay. The other island is discovered by La...