The 5 Continents (Blank Worlda Map)

So I've recently been obsessed with mythical and lost continents aswell as alternate geography, so I've edited together a map with various mythical and sunken real-life continents. Most of these continents weren't made by me, but instead were edited together from various maps from deviantart. I don't know the original artist(s) so, If you know, please let me know so can I credit them. The only original thing I really did were mythical islands and Greenland's lakes.

These include:

Mythical Continents:
Mu (Mythical Continent in the Pacific Ocean)
Lemuria (Mythical Continent in the Indian Ocean)
Atlantis (Mythical Continent in the Atlantic Ocean)

Real Sunken Continents:
Zealandia/Tasmantis (Sunken continent near Australia)
Kerguelen ( Sunken micro-continent near Antartica)
Doggerland (Sunken micro-continent between the British Isles and the Scandinavian Peninsula)
Seychelles Microcontinent (Near Madagascar)

Bonus Stuff:
Green Antartica
Green Greenland
Some Mythical Islands (Antillia, Satanazes Island, Royllo/Ymana Island, Saya/Tanmar Island, Hy-Brasil, Thule, Frisland, Buss Island, Elizabeth Island and Aurora Islands)

Also you're completely free to use this map as you feel fit. No need to credit me or anything. I'm just happy you use my maps.


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