1. WI/AHC: No Pronoia

    What if the Byzantine Empire never developed the semi-feudal Pronoia system? And how would you prevent the system from becoming an institution?
  2. AHC: Gran Colombia survives

    Your challenge is to have Gran Colombia survive until at least 1900.
  3. Calcaterra

    AHC: Post-1900 Royal Personal Union Between Two Major Powers

    Just as the tin says, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to create a long-term personal union between two major royal powers, with your POD occurring on or after 00:00 1 January 1900.
  4. AHC: Romansh Wank

    Switzerland is generally thought of as having three ethnic groups: the French, the Italians, and the Germans. While these are the three main ones, there are other ethnicities in Switzerland as well. One of these is the Romansh. Despite being the Romansh language being one of Switzerland's four...
  5. AHC: No end of Greco-Roman polytheism

    Your challenge is to have Greco-Roman polytheism survive as a relatively major religion to the modern day. I'd like the POD to be after the death of Constantine the Great, but that's not required. Traditional Greco-Roman religion doesn't necessarily have to be dominant or the majority in any...
  6. WI: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins creates his Paleozoic Museum

    In 1868, the British sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, best known for making the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park in th, was recruited by the Commissioners of Manhattan. The idea was to make a museum featuring life-sized statues of various prehistoric creatures of America at the time, like...