1. AHC: Surviving Samnites

    Your challenge is to have the Samnites survive as a distinct people until at least the 1st century CE.
  2. AHC: Uralic Italian polity

    Your challenge is to have a Uralic polity on the Italian peninsula at some point. It doesn't have to last very long or be particularly large, it just has to exist for a time.
  3. AHC: England keeps Calais

    Your challenge is to have England retain control over Calais for as long as possible. If you can somehow have the English keep it until at least 1900, that'll get you bonus points.
  4. AHC: Muslim-Majority state in the Americas

    Your challenge is to come up with a scenario where there's a country in the Americas with a mostly Muslim population. Bonus points if you can do it with a POD after 1492.
  5. AHC: More successful slave rebellions

    Over the ages, there have been many, many slave rebellions. The vast majority ended in failure. Your challenge is to have more slave revolts succeed, whether by having a slave uprising that failed IOTL be successful, or by introducing a new slave insurrection that succeeds.
  6. AHC: Truly domesticated elephants

    The Asian elephant is often called "the world's largest domesticated animal", but they're not actually domesticated. To quote World Animal Protection: So here's your challenge: have there be truly domesticated elephants in the world.
  7. AHC: Darien scheme succeeds

    Not a lot of people know that Scotland attempted to establish colonies in the Americas. One attempt, known as the Darien scheme, saw the Scottish attempt to establish a trading settlement on the Isthmus of Panama. This attempt was such a disaster that it ruined the Scottish economy. Its failure...
  8. AHC: Wank an obscure ethnic group

    There have been plenty of challenges where the objective is wanking a particular ethnicity. But these are generally ethnic groups most people have at least heard of, such as the Ainu, Samaritans or Zulu. So, with this in mind, your challenge is to wank a more obscure ethnic group.