1. GameBawesome

    AHC Game: Create your own ATL Cuisine

    A thread based off the List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage, AH Royal/Imperial/Noble Titles Game and AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world, and piggybacking on the AH Cuisine and Culinary Practices and slightly based off the Cuisine of the Confederate States of...
  2. TheDoofusUser

    AHC - Second Great Depression in 2008

    The 2008 Great Recession hit the world hard and changed politics drastically. However, it wasn't bad as it could've been, such as a second Great Depression. What if the Second Great Depression hit in 2008? What would be the chain of events to lead that to happening. Your challenge is to show...
  3. AHC: No More Fossil Fuels

    This is probably a highly unlikely scenario, but I'm curious to see what comes up. Starting around the 1900s or some time after, the challenge is this: What series of events would need to occur such that fossil fuel use has been significantly, if not entirely, phased out, at least in America if...
  4. AHC: Prolong & Complicate the American Civil War

    Okay, so we have another America scenario today Our basic goal is twofold: Make the American Civil War last longer Get more factions involved, either by creating splinter factions or by foreign intervention How do we accomplish this?
  5. AHC: Give Sonic the Hedgehog a stronger gameography

    It's probably not at all controversial to say that Sonic the Hedgehog has had a pretty rough time of it since Sega left the console market. That's not to say every game he's been in from 2002 on has been bad, but the blue blur's definitely had a lot of rough patches, with plenty of his games...
  6. TheDoofusUser

    AHC - Successful Communist Revolution in the 1930s USA led by William Z. Foster

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept is, with a POD no earlier than 1901 and later than 1929, have a Communist Revolution led by William Z. Foster succeed, leading to the creation of the Union of American Worker Republics (U. A. W. R.) at some point in the 1930s. What happens from there...
  7. Majority Frisian Speaking Low Countries

    Just need a few ideas for a plausible way to unite the low countries under a nation that has Frisian as the most spoken language. POD can be any year, it just has to be something that lasts into the modern age as well. Bonus points if it owns land down to Alsace, if plausible.
  8. AHC: The Prussians take over Germany

    The Prussians were a Baltic tribe that inhabited the region known as Prussia. Proudly pagan, they were able to fend off the forces of Christendom for longer than most. But while they held out for a while, they couldn't hold out forever, and they were eventually subjugated and assimilated by the...
  9. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Kill the Progressive Movement in its cradle

    It is widely acknowledged that it was the Progressive movement that largely led to the death of the Socialist movement in the United States, with the death of the Pro-gold conservatives in the Democrats and the rise of Progressives in both parties being a major factor in this happening. The...
  10. ToastyPancakes

    AHC: Make Sega a more major player in the handheld market

    Just like what the title says, your challenge here is to have Sega be a more major player in the handheld market with their Game Gear, to the point of being a actual opposing threat to Nintendo and their Game Boy.
  11. TheDetailer

    AHC: Best Possible World for Animation

    Considering the news about recent events over the past year regarding the animation industry, I decided to make this thread as a way to explore, experiment, and discuss animation, specifically about what has gone wrong, and also what can go right. With no changes from before January 1st, 1901...
  12. AHC: "Sea Nomad" ethnic groups elsewhere

    The term "Sea Nomads" (or, somewhat more pejoratively, "Sea Gypsies") refers to a number of different ethnic groups mostly concentrated in Southeast Asia, though the Tanka people of southern China and the Jalia Kaibarta of eastern India have also been labeled as such. While these peoples are all...
  13. AHC: Encourage the creation of at least one Afroasiatic South Asian language

    South Asia is a region with over a billion people. It's also a major cultural salad bowl, and this is reflected in the wide variety of languages spoken there. Represented language families include Indo-European, Dravidian, Austroasiatic, Sino-Tibetan, and Andamanese, among others. However...
  14. Challenge: Wank the Khoisan

    Indigenous to Southern Africa, the Khoisan are group made up of the pastoral Khoekhoe and the hunter-gatherer San. They've had a pretty rough time of it, between the Bantu expansion, smallpox epidemics and colonialism, and they still suffer from serious problems today. Your challenge is to put...
  15. AHC/WI: China and Rome switch fates after Migration period

    Okay, I know this topic was discussed several times, but I would like to start a new one because I came here relatively new. Basically, after the POD of 3rd century, I am wondering how to make China collapsed, broken into multiple countries, and never to reunite after invasion of barbarians...
  16. AHC: reverse colonizers and colonized

    one thing point I have made a lot on discusions on the morality of colonialism is that even people who insist it was benign or that they deserve to keep colonial loot is that if things had gone differently and their countries had been colonized they would be singing a different tune. I kind of...
  17. AHC: At least 3 million Samaritans in 1899

    An ethnoreligious group descended from the ancient Israelites, the Samaritans (or Shamerin, as they call themselves) consider their faith of Samaritanism to be the true religion of their ancestors. While there were once many Samaritans, today they number less than a thousand, with the majority...
  18. What is better for Taoism, Chu victory in Warring States or Yellow Turbans

    Trying to write a TL where Taoism is the dominant philosophy over Confucianism and Legalism, but not sure whether to use a Chu unification as that basis or a successful Yellow Turbans, as I’ve seen both suggested as ‘solutions’ to this question. Thanks btw
  19. AHC/WI: Make Harry F. Byrd President

    With any POD, make Governor/US Senator Harry F. Byrd of Virginia and conservative segregationist, President. Bonus Round: Make Carter Glass and Richard Russell Jr. President as well.
  20. PolishMagnet

    AHC/PC: Women equal in Athenian democracy

    Could democratic city states in ancient Greece (pre-philip of Macedon) have plausibly accepted women as citizens who could participate and vote? Just curious as to how/why it might happen. It doesn't have to be Athens, it could be any of the Greek city states of the time.