1. AHC:Prevent Napoleon's rise to power without killing him

    With an POD of the year 1776,your challenge is to prevent him to become the leader of France,you are allowed using any methods except killing him or putting him in coma.You are not allowed to bring modern technology.
  2. SunKing105

    AHC: Reverse the tech disparity between the New and Old Worlds

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to reverse the technological disparities between the New World and Old Worlds, so that civilizations in the New World are at or similiar to OTL 1492 Europe tech level, while civilizations in the Old World are at a Neolithic or at most Late Bronze...
  3. AHC Have a person of Jewish descent becomes Emperor in the Roman Empire or ERE

    Your Challenge should you choose to accept it is to make a scenario where a person of Jewish descent becomes Emperor in the Roman Empire or ERE it can be any date from the founding of the roman empire to 1453 bonus points if you make a map about it
  4. AHC: Make Male Same-Sex Marriage Accepted and Legal, but only Male Same-Sex Marriage

    Just an idea I came up with a couple months ago. LGBT acceptance can get pretty complicated in history. The idea here is that you have to make the western world accept and legalise gay (or bisexual in male) marriage while not allowing lesbianism or anything else on LGBT+ spectrum as IOTL. Why...
  5. AHC Earliest Possible Invention of Agriculture

    Your Challenge Should you choose to accept it is to make a scenario where humans invent agriculture earlier than our timeline bonus points if you make a map
  6. AHC: Muslim country establishes a New World colony

    Your challenge is to have at least one Muslim country establish at least one colony in the New World. It doesn't have to last particularly long, it just has to exist.
  7. AHC Alternate or Surviving Languages

    Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to make alternate or surviving languages you can even make a language map if you want to. This thread was inspired by the Caravels of Portugal Alternate Ethnicities thread Example: Graeco-Indian Official Language: Indo Greek Kingdom Language...
  8. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Rome Colonizes Jutland?

    The Roman Empire was very much a mediterranean empire, with its core hugging the shores of the great Mare Nostrum. However, it certainly wasn't against expansion away from the inland sea- Britain and bits of Crimea being the biggest examples. So i was wondering if there was a way for Rome to...
  9. AHC Latest Possible Revival of African Romance Language

    Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to try to revive the African Romance Language at the latest possible point of departure. Bonus points if you make a linguist map of your revived African Romance Language
  10. AHC Have the Jews become a majority in europe during the bubonic plague

    Bonus Points if you make a map about it
  11. AHC Have the qattara depression be filled with water during the era of Ptolemaic Egypt

    Bonus Points if you make ptolemaic kingdom survive and make a map about this alternate history
  12. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Make American Foreign Policy Favor The Central Powers

    After the unification of germany, despite the large amount of german-americans, US politicians weren't a fan of theirs even before ww1- annoyances with Germany attitudes in the pacific and especially around latin america such as the caribbean and venezuela. So the goal is simple: make american...
  13. Gillan1220

    AHC: Prevent the Philippines from falling to the Japanese during WWII

    Whether its reinforcing the PI early in the war, deploying more B-17s, or at least more USN submarines in the region, How will these prevent the Japanese conquest of the Philippines?
  14. AHC: Warlords America

    Just searching up if similiar thread premise exist and found one where POD is post 1900 so I guess I can make this one. What change in history need to happen so that America fell into era of warlords similar to China during it own warlord era? The POD for this AHC is preferably 1850 onward or...
  15. AHC: Make modern Japan surpass the US economically

    Around the 80s some people feared that Japan, if you extrapolate the Japanese economic growth rates at the time, would at some point surpass the US economically and maybe even, after they surpassed the US economically, surpass the US in terms of global influence. Make that actually happen...
  16. AHC: A more complex culture emerges in pre-roman England

    A book about Arthurian England has given me an idea for what if a more complex (and not advanced as I wrote before so as not to be colonialist) culture (i'm picturing mesoamerican for some reason) can emerge from either the Celtic culture or even pre-celtic bronze or even chalcolithic cultures...
  17. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    AHC: Peru-Bolivia remains together

    As the title says, find a way to keep the Peru-Bolivia Confederation a unified entity.
  18. AHC: Wank Champa

    Your challenge is to have Champa do significantly better than it did IOTL.
  19. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Wank Twentieth Century France

    The twentieth century was... rough for france. Docked to second place in continental europe as Germany rose and third on the world stage with America. The world wars decimated their population and led to the fall of the empire. While France is still a word power, the republic is more around #7...
  20. AHC: Gladiator becomes emperor

    While multiple emperors are said to have performed in the arena, there was never a case of a gladiator becoming an emperor. Your challenge is to change that.