1. AHC: Describe the effects on the U.S. social atmosphere over the past 43 years if President Ronald Reagan had been assassinated.

    What effects on pop culture, economics, and others would there be if President Reagan had been assassinated? - How would Higher Education, Social Services, and Disability rights (including autistic rights and advocacy) evolve without Reagan’s influence? - How would American Healthcare and...
  2. AHC: Make the 1872 Liberal Republicans survive and become a major political party

    POD after 1868. Bonus points if you can do this while making them exist alongside the Democrats and Republicans, instead of replacing one of them.
  3. AHC: Indochina Wars fail to occur/are truncated?

    Would it have been possible for Vietnam to have stabilized under the DRV or even the State of Vietnam such that a two-state division as seen in Geneva 1954 would have been rendered impossible? I mainly have read about the DRV, so I know there were some points where the DRV faltered that could...
  4. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : President Edwin Walker

    Edwin Walker was an American Major General that had served in both the Second World War and Korean Wars while also being known for his extremely Conservative Viewpoints, having described President Truman and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt as "pink" and been an active member of the John Birch...
  5. PlanetaryIceTea

    AHC: Hoover re-elected in 1932.

    (This is my first attempt at one of these AHC posts, so I apologize if there is a standard format here that I am not aware of!) I've been reading more in-depth recently about the Hoover Presidency for a TL I'm writing at the moment and I'm more and more astonished at how much of a mess it was...
  6. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Have the 1920 Election Be a Multiparty Election

    The 1920 Presidential Election was perhaps the one time pre-WW2 that I legitimately believe we could've seen both major political parties fracture into multiple new parties leading to a deadlocked election in the Electoral College. The challenge here is simple : Make that belief a legitimate...
  7. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Make the 1970s An Ameriscrew

    As it says on the tin, make the 1970s an Ameriscrew to the point where they enter the 1980s either completely equal to the Soviets or the lesser power in the Cold War to the point where they could potentially Balkanize or collapses in either the late 80s in mid-late 90s. The PoD must be any date...
  8. AHC: Turn the Socialist Party of America into a major party.

    Perhaps over time becoming more of a mainstream social democratic party. My ideas that I previously discussed in other threads centered around a stronger union movement and socialists who were more willing to work with other parties in Congress (and hence seen as less of a threat). Let me know...
  9. ParasaurEwan

    AHC: A plausible timeline to leave all post-1985 Anglophone Pop culture unrecognizable

    Basically, the challenge is, without Political Dystopia or Nuclear war, have a timeline which, by an alternate 2023, most American Pop Culture in the last 35 years we know doesn't exist, with a POD after the year 1985. The doesn't need to be from pop culture.
  10. AHC: North-Germanic Speaking Britain without Saxons

    Come up with a timeline that allows for Britain to speak North Germanic, while also only allowing for either no or very limited settlement from other groups, such as the Saxons, Jutes, etc, ever. The POD can be whenever, as long as other groups (such as the ones listed above) don't have a large...
  11. Oba Cahokia

    AHC: Independent German East Africa

    Challenge is simple; Come up with a short TL or a way for German East Africa to gain independence post ww1.
  12. AHC Challenge: Make a plausible timeline from this map

    Make a detailed and plausible timeline of this world from this map: BTW this is not mine.
  13. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : United States Military Coup in the 80s

    As it says on the tin, with a PoD in the year 1945, create a good situation for the United States to see a military coup occur in the 1980s and that coup solidifies power into a legitimately strong dictatorship.
  14. AHC: Create a body of Folk Myths or Folk Hero for Asian-Americans

    White Americans certainly have their fair share of folk heroes and mythological characters (think Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and Fearsome Critters), Blacks have their own (Br'er Rabbit and John Henry), and Indeginous people of course have their own mythologies. However, to my knowledge Asian...
  15. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Communist Bloc Democratizes by the 1970s

    The Cold War of OTL was a dangerous time that saw a lot of proxy wars between the United States, the beacon of Democracy and Capitalism, and the USSR, the Hegemon of Communism. It wouldn't be until the 1980s that the US finally won the Cold War in effect with the USSR and the Warsaw pact...
  16. Oba Cahokia

    AHC: Form Germany without Prussia and Austria with these.

    The German states debated on how if unification of Germany should include Austria or not. In the end Germany was united by Prussia. But what if another German state united the country excluding Austria and Prussia with the borders above?
  17. Otakuninja2006

    AHC: Make Walt Disney Live

    Do you think Walt Disney could live longer in a TL started no earlier than 1953-55?
  18. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Worse 90s, Dystopic 2000s

    So the 1990s up to 2008 was, while not perfect (considering Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, 9/11, Sudan, Rwanda, Chechnya, the failed August coup, etc, etc), it was better than it really should've been all things considered, especially with the break up of the Soviet Union involved. So, with a...
  19. AHC: Switch Street Fighter and Mortal Kombats fates

    Put simply, have street fighter switch to it's numbered entries being 3D Fighters through a roughly decade long period before Capcom is purchased while Midway stops making mainline MK games foe years before making a big comeback
  20. capteuan

    AHC: Sweden Rises to a Major Power... after its defeat in the Great Northern War

    The Great Northern War, GNW, marks the end of the Stormaktstiden - The time period in which Sweden ruled as a Great Power in Northern Europe. For about a century(1611~1721), Sweden enjoyed military success and territorial expansion under the leadership of kings like Gustavus Adolphus and Karl...