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  1. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Don't feel like you need to pick this up just for me XD Take care of yourself first and foremost, Frank.
  2. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Hope all is going well!
  3. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Hope all is well!
  4. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    Any chance I could get a detailed map of 1620 Europe please?:)
  5. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Awesome, thank you! Was not expecting a reply this fast. Oh, and awesome "similar climate" map above. You're doing great work, keep it up!
  6. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Hey, Frank, do you remember what the program was you used that generated the "proto-Tellurus" you used for your awesome project here?
  7. Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    I'll be incredibly interested in this one since I am actually looking for a q-bam of Europe of year 1620 CE and this is about as close as I've found so far.
  8. Request Maps/Flags Here

    While nifty, not quite what I'm looking for. Much appreciated though!
  9. Request Maps/Flags Here

    Could I humbly request a q-bam map of 1630?
  10. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Just saw this! Looking awesome as always, Frank!
  11. Worldbuilding- Country by Country

    Empire of Mali Capital: Djenné Flag Map
  12. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Very nice! Keep up the wonderful work!
  13. Worldbuilding- Country by Country

    Well, much smaller countries have managed to hold much larger ones before (Belgium and the Congo, the Portuguese empire, etc etc.) so Antipodea having control over Majapahit for a brief window of time can make a little bit of sense wherein they claimed it but didn't manage to administer it for...
  14. Worldbuilding- Country by Country

    The Republic of Majapahit A former territory of Antipodea, Majapahit draws it's name and inspiration from the empire of the same name. Colonized first by the Dutch and then the French after the Thirteen Years War, Majapahit agitated for independence from Antipodea with peaceful protests and...
  15. Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Hope you get through your rough spot, Frank. If it's any consolation I am amazed at your work every time I see it.