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  • Petike


  • The detective adventures of Dr. Gross, medical doctor and part-time sleuth helping local police solve various cases, in an independent Zemplín of an alternate interwar era, had begun ten days ago. In (vaguely) translated local accent ! Pleasant reading. ;)
  • Metempsychosis


  • Hi. Could I borrow some of your ideas for my own TL? I want to flesh out ATL 19th century West Africa, and I don't want to just have the region under France and Britain like IOTL. :)
  • Rockydroid

  • Hi, I am working on a Mexico timeline and am wondering if you could help with some input on a few questions. Unknown mentioned that you'd be a good person to ask regarding US history.

    If you are willing to provide your input I would greatly appreciate it :)
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