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    Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A Timeline

    There's an odd feeling to the way the war is over in southeast Asia at the same time it's becoming more intense than ever in Europe. Sarawak is beginning its recovery and return to a peacetime society, but as you've shown, its economy is still geared to war production, which means that it will...
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    Shabbatai Tzvi martyrs himself

    That's quite possible. Zevi was a cabalist himself, the time was right for that anyway, and a Sabbatean movement in 18th-century Poland would have drawn from the same roots and involved many of the same people that Hasidism did, so it might have turned out very similar. Even the idea of the...
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    Shabbatai Tzvi martyrs himself

    This was true of Islam and Christianity, but there was a hunger for a new faith within Judaism. The massacres of the Chmielnicki uprising were an extremely traumatic event for the Jews of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth (who were a plurality of Jews at the time), and the next century would...
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    AHC: Monarchism + Communism

    This is an updated Bronze Age palace economy.
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    Cities that wouldn't exist if borders were different.

    If Nigeria had a different colonial history and became independent as several countries rather than one, Lagos wouldn't have nearly as large a hinterland to draw migration from - it would still be a big city, but not the megacity of OTL.
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    Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A Timeline

    This Zaghloul, I assume? I imagine that Egyptian nationalism will play out differently ITTL, playing out against an Ottomanist counter-nationalism rather than a British occupation. In fact, I wonder if the Egyptian nationalist movement might end up mostly Coptic. Pan-Islamism - yes, I can see...
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    Es Geloybte Aretz Continuation Thread

    So it's not all bad then?
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    Palmera (An African Resettlement AH)

    I assume you mean Beta Israel rather than Bene Israel, or were Loach, Mallick and Bash in fact Indian Jews?
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    Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A Timeline

    A Mfecane in Dutch Borneo and the equivalent of various Bedouin settlement schemes in Brunei - what could possibly go wrong? Or maybe, what could possibly not go wrong?
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    AHC: Earlier Urban Parks

    Let's define an urban park as (i) a place in or within walking distance of a city, (ii) which is accessible to the public, and (iii) which is set aside for non-staged recreation (so we can exclude arenas, hippodromes and theaters). As far as I can tell - although I'd be happy to be proven wrong...
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    AHC: Least Racist Colonialism Possible

    There were nonwhite members of parliament from Senegal even before Diagne, but that doesn't mean there was racial equality in all areas of society. Illinois has had black state legislators since 1876, for instance, but Chicago wasn't exactly a racial paradise during this period. In Senegal...
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    AHC: Least Racist Colonialism Possible

    The quatre communes in Senegal had this in theory, but it worked a lot better in theory than in practice.
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    What if the Readjusters stayed in power in Virginia?

    The North Carolina fusionists came to power after the Virginia Readjusters had already fallen. But even if the North Carolina fusion government had come to power earlier or the Readjusters later, I'm not sure that state-level alliances could have prolonged them. Fusion politics existed in...
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    AHC: Least Racist Colonialism Possible

    Eventually, yes, but the reduction of racism was effect rather than cause, and the ultimate result was the end of colonial rule.
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    AHC: Least Racist Colonialism Possible

    Not really, no. What happened in the Malêverse was not the result of colonialists being less racist, but (a) the racism being differently directed, and (b) more of the colonized peoples, for various reasons, being in a position to force better terms from the colonial powers. It wasn't about...