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    Freedom's Constitution and Slavery's Confederation

    Children are and were already counted when it comes to calculating population totals in order to apportion how many representatives a state will get. In our timeline they counted all non-slaves (except for Indians), but only 3/5 of the slave population. In this timeline, they are only counting...
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    Freedom's Constitution and Slavery's Confederation

    It was a late August night in Philadelphia. The air was humid and the mosquitoes brought with them a nasty combination of aggravation and potential illness. The retired general walks up to the door of a brick boarding house and knocked, awaiting a most important answer. The door opens and a man...
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    Iran-Iraq War in 1974

    While doing research for another project I came across the story of Iran threatening Iraq with war in 1974 and 1975 over the Iraqi response to renewed fighting between the Iraqi Kurds and Baghdad. IOTL Iraq wanted to avoid war with Iran and decided to make peace with the Kurds. With that in mind...
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    Where Bullets Land

    Chapter II: The Machine Infernale “Until the last minute Giuseppe continued to fiddle with and tweak the custom volley gun he and his conspirators had ordered. He couldn’t leave anything to chance because if this didn’t work they wouldn’t get another. In fact, they wouldn’t get a second chance...
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    WI: Ali violently resisted Abu Bakr's claim to the Caliphate

    After the death of the Prophet Muhammad IOTL one of his close followers, Abu Bakr, was chosen by a small group of leading Muslims to succeed Muhammad as the political leader of the Muslim Community. Muhammad's cousin Ali, however, was also favored by many to succeed the Prophet. Despite this...
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    AHC: Whig Party survives to modern day while the Democratic Party disappears

    Having written a timeline on this very premise, IMO there are two things you need: 1. Weaken the unity of the Democratic Party 2. Improve the unity of the Whig Party In my timeline I had the 1835 assassination attempt on Andrew Jackson succeed. This resulted in Martin Van Buren becoming...
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    AHC: California's Central Valley becomes as populated as Tokaido Corridor

    As someone born and raised in California's central valley I can tell you this, the only way to get this area more populated is to have a bigger, and more diverse economy. Areas of the world where the biggest industries are agriculture, especially in more industrialized countries like the U.S...
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    Anno Mahometi: A Islamic Timeline

    This definitely has me intrigued. I'm hoping we get an explanation as to how TTL's Christianity, (which, if I'm reading this correctly, is Nazarene Judaism) developed without the Crucifixion, and therefore I'm assuming without the resurrection. How are Nazarene's maintaining that Jesus was the...
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    Where Bullets Land

    Where Bullets Land Chapter I: Mad Man Behind the Colonnade The seed that killed the Democratic Party was planted by the pistol of a mad man, Richard Lawrence. Born in England in 1801, he and his family immigrated to the state of Virginia during the War of Impressment, where it is said that...
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    The Union Forever: A TL

    I submit for the approval of the author, this quick update for New Zealand's political activities, because it feels like the timeline is gonna heat up soon. New Zealand: 1980-2000 New Zealand: 2001-2010 New Zealand: 2010-2015 New Zealand Political History, 2016-2018 List of Prime Ministers of...
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    Does killing Louis Philippe I prevent or delay the Revolutions of 1848?

    Doing some research for the European parts of an American centric timeline, and I was curious about the assassination attempt on Louis Philippe in 1835. From what I've gathered, his son, Ferdinand Philippe, was more liberal than his father, which implies that he might be more open to the...
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    Plausibility Check and WI: Prince Ferdinand Philippe marries Princess Victoria

    I'm brainstorming events for Europe in a US centered timeline I'm working on, and I came across the attempted assassination of King Louis Philippe of France in 1835. From what I've gathered, his successor would most likely have been his eldest son, Prince Ferdinand Philippe. I don't know much...
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    Can the Year of Four Emperors Collapse the Roman Empire?

    The suicide of emperor Nero in 68 CE sparked a civil war which ended up seeing four different men on the throne, with General Vespasian eventually winning and establishing the Flavian Dynasty. What I'm curious about is can this civil war be enough to collapse the Roman Empire, similar to how...
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    The Union Forever: A TL

    If a war is coming, it might be a kind of Anti-Imperialism World War, with the Technate of China and it's allies supporting independence movements across Africa, and possibly the Caribbean.
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    Rome becomes monotheistic prior to Christianity

    Your best bet is to have Sol Invictus to get a lot more popular, and a lot earlier.