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A war fought in Europe, North America and India between France, Spain and Prussia on one side and Britain, Austria and Russia on the other. It begins in different times for different nations; all the same as OTL. It diverges in 1743, when the Duc de Gramont hesitates in attacking the British side during the Battle at Dettingen, allowing his superior officer, the Duc de Noialles to capture a large majority of the British Army, including the King, George II. He takes the monarch and his army back to France for ransom.

This overthrows the young ministry of Henry Pelham, who had ruled as prime minister for only a year. William Pulteney, his enemy comes to power and decides to get the king back but in exchange for a declaration of war and a firm commitment to conflict. It is much stronger than OTL, with thousands more English troops sent to Flanders to defend it against French aggression. This leads to an alternate Battle of Fontenoy in 1745. A victory stops the French advances and cements the Austro-British alliance for the time being. It also spares the Dutch Republic a shameful occupation. The larger presence of troops allows the British to split thier forces when the Jacobite Rebellion takes place and it is put down much the same as OTL.

The Battle of Finisterre goes almost the same as in OTL but because of greater spending on the land forces, there is less resources for the Royal Navy and while the French fleet is defeated by the Royal Navy, a few ships beat the blockade. They allow for the French to recapture the American occupied New French fort of Louisbourg. This allows the French to keep the captured fort of Madras in India, which was returned to England in exchange for Louisbourg in OTL.

The 1748 treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle is much the same otherwise, Silesia is Prussian and some Italian territories switch but different in that the British recognize the rights of the french East India Company to Madras.

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