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Dirty Laundry : TV changes

More successful shows

* Shaping Up: IOTL, a terrible sitcom starring Leslie Nielsen as the owner of a gym that didn't even last a whole season. ITTL, the cast also has Tim Robbins and Hulk Hogan, making for a improved program that lasted many years.

* Cover Up: Not helped by the accidental death of its main actor, lasted only one season IOTL. He survives and the show does as well.

* Miami Vice: With a better timeslot ITTL, becomes a bigger hit earlier than expected, and even becomes “the broadcast MTV” along the way.

* Dreams: Changed from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to cash in the rising heavy metal scene, lasts extra seasons and even pulls in for its cast a musician from the genre, Michael Bolton.

* It’s Your Move: Lasts longer as NBC prefers promoting a new show to get Cosby Show holdovers than moving Family Ties. Possibly killing Married… with Children along the way.

* Whiz Kids: Lasts an extra season as Atari is making computers more prevalent.

Decayed programs

* Saturday Night Live: With most of its writing staff leaving, Lorne Michaels never returns and the infamous 1985-86 season is the show's last.

* Family Ties: Constantly getting bad timeslots, doesn't last as long as IOTL.

Slightly changed

* The Cosby Show: Still a hit series.

* Hollywood Undercover: IOTL, this show was called “Hollywood Beat” and featured ex-NFL defensive lineman John ‎‎“Tooz” Matuszak as a police informant. Here he's played by Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

* Stir Crazy: Still a flop series based on a recent comedy.

* Still the Big Chill: Known as Hometown IOTL, ITTL receives the film tie-in so it can be broadcast with the above and the below…

Original creations

* Ghostbusters: A terrible live-action spin-off of the movie. And let's not delve into naming rights.

* The Lost Episode: A sketch comedy, recreating old television series in a mashup and absurdist way. Features many would-be SNL actors and writers.

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