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2031: Cuba has got fame as the biggest illegal data hub of the world and a centre of industry espionage. Due to it`s absence of copyright laws nearly every kind of information is legal there. The US starts an iniative to cut Cuba off from the Internet but fails because of Cuban satellite connections. US strategists worry increasingly as Cuba begins to train several african countries in infowar-tactics.

2032: Second Sino-Indian war. China invades India after clashes between Indian and Chinese troops on the borders. Together with Pakistanis the Chinese rush into Kashmir, breaks though the barrier and one of the hardest battles in history occurs. afterwars all of Ladakh is a nuclear waste and nearly one million man are dead. Other fronts work out better for the Chinese. Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu fall to the Chinese fleet with the help of the seperatist movement. Many South Indian cities are bombarded. Also the invasion of Assam and Myanmar goes well for similar reasons. Several new states are created in this region and Myanmar is reduced to it`s heartland. The new countries are: Assam, Nagaland, Tamilakam, Tenasserim-Union, Kachin and Shan. The ethnic minority of the Chin, also active in the war on Chinas side, is pacified with a vital part in the administration of Chinas new southern territory. These war was the most intensive modern use of the old colonial tactic of employing ethnic minorities and seperatists as mercenaries.

In a global ciris conference on the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation the great powers come to a second ban on the tactic use of nukes. Until now nuclear weapons have been used on sites in Japan, Pakistan, India, China, Myanmar, Israel and Syria in a war. Egypt announces possession of the knowledge and capacity to build nuclear weapons but also states it will not use it until a certain state of crisis is reached.

Olympics in Tokyo are cancelled as a sign of protest against the Chinese, Pakistani and Indian nuclear war and moved to Moscow in the last minute.

2033: South american solidarity pact between Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago and Peru is founded. Cuba wants to join but is excluded on a Venezuelan Veto.

2034: Chinas assistance for seperatism backfires as new Uigur and Tibetan resistance movements and terrorist cells spread throughout the country.

Cuba is invaded by the US successfully but the army pays with a 3 days long global shutdown of the Global Information Grid due to the free release of illegal combat viruses and suffers heavily. The invasion force pulls out for 4 days and starts talks armistice and convinces Cuba to stop the attack. The Grid is restarted while the US forces attack even during the talks and conquer the Island, having given their own infowar squads enough time to see through the Cuban tactics.

The occupation stays difficult as Cubans employ a new sort of guerilla warfare based on hacking and public press leading to a harsh censorship and media control in the warzone.

2035: Jamaica gains independence again.

Chad joins the west african defense pact again.

China ist he new international centre of trade with illegal drugs, data and humans neighbouring the golden sickle and the golden triangle at once. Central asian countries close their borders for a short time to stop Chinese heroin smugglers from entering and there are several waves of repression during which moren than thousand dealers get rounded up and punished with death. There is also an increasing level of designer drugs, biochemical engineered substances and illegal organs. Shanghai is called “the capital of crime” now as several syndicates battle in it`s vast, sprawling slums.

2036: Kosovo joins the European Union.

Japanes Scientists present the first optical camouflage device. Several armies already plan to equip their special forces with this technology.

Olympics in Dubai.

India accepts European (mostly british) bases to break Chinese encirclement. The neonaxalite movement gains pace again, calling this step a fallback into colonisation.

Turkey negotiates to be let under the Russian missile defense shield and is accepted.

2037: The Eastern African Federation accepts reformed Somalia.

The Museum of Information Technology opens its gates in San Francisco spotting the greatest archive of out-of-date software, other types of Free- or Abandonware. It hosts the greatest public information archive worldwide, including the whole Wikimedia Foundation.

Chinese Occupation Forces leave central Sri Lanka again but stay in the Tamil regions.

2038: South Ossetia joins Russia.

The US army build up the first exoskeleton assault division of the world.

“Imaginist” art movement starts. World building in digital surroundings. There are no galleries but “portals” (computerscreens) in galleries that lead into Internet Museums.

Australia builds 8 new refugee camps under military administration on its coastline that are compared to concentration camps and human trafficking ressources by Refugee activists. Similar camps already exist in the Maghreb since a Decade.

2039: The Chinese unveil a planned Mars mission kept secret until short before the start. The mission is a catastrophic failure as it is hit on half way by a unknown small cosmic object and totally destroyed. China stoically begins to build up the second mission.

Linguists report the development of a new global dialects in major urban centers containing words from English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic or other main languages, dubbing it Cityspeak.

2040: The worlds population reaches 8.5 billion.

The Central African Defense Pact invades Nigeria and occupies the eastern coast and the Niger Delta region to assist its rebels. The Western African Defense Pact Disbands after being unable or unwilling to bring about a response attack. The region is named “Niger Delta Defense Zone” at first. Negotiations for a own state for several minorities are brought on their way but reach no conclusion.

The city of Basra, Iraq, experienced extreme booming growth during the last two decades as it becomes the hub of a emerging Middle Eastern youth culture, sea trade and industry. There has also been a massive emigration during the war. Arabs, Iraqis, Iranians, Indians, Pakistani, Turkish, Syrians, Israelis, Palestinians and Kurds now live there side by side. It also becomes a political hot-spot as it de facto sprawls out across the borders of Iran and Kuwait, containing more than 10 million inhabitants.

Olympics in Rome.

Satellite connected expert systems can now take over your car for you as autopilot for short distances.

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