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Shattered World

Also known by its subtitle A Worse World War. A timeline based around a WW2 that is loosely comparable to OTL's in broad strokes, but lasts much longer, uses more advanced technology and is, indeed, worse.

Though the author has been deliberately vague about the specific POD, the chief change to OTL comes when the USSR invades Poland in 1936, which leads to Nazi intervention and a “Eurasian War” in the late 1930s in which the Nazis and Japanese fight the Soviets and win, gaining much territory from the USSR. Stalin is overthrown and the Soviets then become a North Korea-like state under Lavrenty Beria. A few years later in 1945, the Nazis attack the western “Alliance for Democracy”, consisting mainly of Britain and France, starting the “Second World War” proper. Although updates have unfortunately slowed to a crawl, it seems the war will last well into the 1950s.

You can read it all on this purpose-made blog.

Another website of the project can be found here.

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