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The Selma Massacre Timeline - 1965

This is a general overview of the events occuring in 1965 in The Selma Massacre timeline.


7 - Bloody Sunday. State troopers open fire in Selma, killing Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and more than fifty other marchers. In response, LBJ declares martial law, federalizes the Alabama NG, and sends US Marshalls. George Wallace also declares martial law and calls up the Alabama NG. US army deploys troops in DC.

8 - Riots beaks out across the US. Thousands mourn MLK in NYC. The ANG is patrolling the streets of Selma, with a curfew for blacks. Coretta Scott King is arrested after state troopers find communist propaganda and evidence of a plan to riot in Montgomery while searching the King house. Kruschev condemns the shooting. US Marines land in Vietnam.

9 - US Marshalls attempt to arrest members of the Alabama State Highway Patrol involved in Bloody Sunday. The resulting confrontation ends up with three dead, including one marshall and “Bull” Connor, and fourteen injured. Biloxi police deputize local KKK members who are patroling the streets. Two churches burned in Biloxi. NOI condemns the violence

10 - Rioting continues across the country. LBJ orders units of the 101st to Alabama to restore order, and for the FBI to take custody of Mrs. King. US Marshals halt their investigation until the 101st arrives. In Biloxi, a gun battle between the Deacons for Defense and Justice and KKK/local police breaks out, with nine dead and dozens injured. Governor W. Hayden Burns of Florida is murdered at his home, along with his wife and several guards by a large number of blacks. 1st student demonstrations in support of the rioters at UC Berekley.

11 - Three whites attack the Frank M Johnson Federal Building in Montgomery, killing a black guard, and start a fire. Eldridge Cleaver escapes prison.

12 - Ernest Garret shoots two NYPD officers.

13 - Federal Marshals in Birmingham shoot Harold Barrens. Deputized Klansmen arrest and beat Rabbi Perry Nussbaum and others at Beth Israel Synagogue in Jackson. This is condemned by Jewish communities across the United States and the Israeli Embassy.

14 - NYPD captures Ernest Garret. Governor McKeithen deputizes entire Louisiana KKK after riots in Shreveport and NOLA.

15 Violence between blacks and klansmen breaks out at “Bull” Connor's funeral. Black militants ambush a truck at Greenwood, Mississippi, freeing three prisoners. LBJ send elements of 101st to Louisiana to quell rioting.

16 - Gov. Johnson attacked by white gunmen at the University of Mississippi . Chicago PD violently breaks up a demonstration in Lincoln Park.

17 - Federal troops defuse a car bomb outside a KKK chapter in Baton Rouge.

20 - Attempted assassination of Hubert Humphrey by DC klansman Jeffrey Turner.

21 - Shootout between KKK and federal troops in Birmingham leaves four dead. LBJ declares KKK to be a terrorist organization.

22 - Federal troops violently break up KKK rally in NOLA. Ernest Garret is indicted.

23 - CBS reporter George Matthews is killed on live air covering rioting in the Bronx.

24 - Mayor Wagner asks Governor Rockefeller for state troopers to help NYPD.

25 - Pentagon delays deployment of 1st ID to Vietnam.

28 - March for Peace and Justice in DC includes Senator Robert Kennedy, Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Governor George Romney, and former Vice President Richard Nixon.

30 - Joanne Merton and associates seize the courtroom of Ernest Garret's trial, seeking passage to Cuba. NYPD storms the courtroom, killing Garret and Merton.

31 - Muhammad’s Temple No. 1 bombed in Detroit, killing Louis Wolcott (Farrakhan) and Muhammed Ali.


1 - Castro condemns US “genocide” and accuses the US of trying to start a war with Cuba.

2 - The DRV government says it will not yield to Rolling Thunder and urges black in the US “to fight on”.

3 - LBJ and George Wallace met at WH. The meeting does not go well. The FBI uncovers a plot to assassinate Donald Rumsfeld.

4 - George Wallace dies in a plane crash. George Lincoln Rockwell claims it was a government plot.

5- Stokely Carmichael proclaims the start of “the revolution”, taking up the battle cry “by any means necessary”>.

7 - A shoot out occurs between KKK and blacks in Meridian, Mississippi.

8 - James Allen, the acting governor of Alabama, announces he is sueing the federal government for exceeding constitutional limits. LBJ decides to send the 1st ID to Mississippi instead of Vietnam.

11 - KKK attacks Denny Stadium at the University of Alabama, setting fire to the stadium and killing a large number of people, including Coach Bear Bryant.

12 - A mob of blacks killl four North Carolina State Highwaypatrolmen outside of Charlotte.

13 - Gov. Harold Hughes confirms that the 133rd Infantry Regiment of the Iowa National Guard is being mobilized for Vietnam.

15 - Gov. James Allen of Alabama stated that he “would rather pledge allegiance to the Confederacy of old than to the communist Yankee state of today.” and openly suggests rebellion.

17 - Police engage in gunfight with blacks outside a bar in Memphis, resulting in four dead.

19/20 - Alabama NG/KKK and federal troops fight over Fort McClellan. Gov. Allen denies it was done on his orders.

21 - LBJ shot and killed while making a speech in DC. Newly sworn in President Hubert Humphrey calls LBJ's assassination a “crime of reprehensible proportion” and promises to send more forces to Alabama.

23 - Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia KKK chapters declared to be in open revolt against the federal government.

24 - A Pentagon spokesman says Australia and New Zealand will be sending larger forces to Vietnam.

25 - Protests in Memphis turn into a massive street battle. Gov. Clement calls in the Tennessee NG. President Diosdado Macapagal says the Phillipines will deploy 25,000 troops to Vietnam.

26 - Eleventh Circuit Court rules in favor of Gov. Allen's motion, stating that “…federal troops must be withdrawn from those areas they are currently operating in pending appropriate Congressional authorization” The DoD announces that the Adjutant General of Alabama and the commander of the 30th AD are under arrest, and that members of the Alabama National Guardsmen will be subject to sever penalties for any actions against federal authorities.

30 - ROK announces 2,300 troops are being sent to Vietnam. The Pentagonannounces the 82nd Troop Command Brigade of the Oregon NGand elements of the Oregon Air NG will be deployed to Vietnam. Humphrey recalls Curtis LeMay to active duty to act as a “special military advisor”.


1 - South Carolina votes to disband the South Carolina NG and transfer all personnel, facilities, and equipment to the South Carolina State Guard. KKK attacks Little Rock AFB.

2 - General Clinger, Arkansas NG, and three subordinates, resigned their commissions and are arrested by the USAF. Gov. Russell vetoes the South Carolina disbanding of the SCNG.

3 - A car bomb kills six in Memphis. Subsequent confrontations between blacks and the NG result in over a dozen dead. SC House brings impeachment charges against Gov. Russell.

4 - Reports of USMC Helicopters deploying forces “…in a similar fashion as in Vietnam” in Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi. Gov. Connally mobilizes the Texas NG after rioting in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Corpus Christi.

5 - Several dozen people hold a protest outside the Disciplinary Barracks in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where the “Arkansas-Four” are being held until their court martial. Gov. Connally moved to Ft. Hood.

6 - Deputy SecDefs Cyrus Vance and Paul Nitze resign. Vance states in a leter interview that they did so over strategic disagreements.

7 - After the student government passes a resolution prohibiting any KKK activity on campus, “to be enforced by the ROTC”, a student demonstration at Brevard Engineering College ends in a standoff ends up in a standoff between police and armed ROTC students. The FBI conducts a raid on a KKK cell in El Paso, killing one.

9 - California NG begins a new recruitment push for blacks, amid rumors they'll be sent to the South.

10 - A bomb nearly kills South Carolina Gov. Russell (McNair?).

12 - KKK attacks Ft. Polk. Gov. Russell declares a state of emergency and dissolves the South Carolina General Assembly for the duration, with elections to occur next November.

13 - The “Arkansas-Four” recieve a death sentence. USN and USAF use napalm strikes on Ft. Polk atackers. LeMay makes plans to employ AC-47 gunships in the South.

15 - There is widespread rioting in rsponse to the “Arkansas-Four” death sentence, with Alabama and Arkansas NG participating. Nelson Rockafeller announces the deployment of the 108th Infantry Regiment, New York NG, to Alabama. Bayard Rustin, A. Philip Randolph, Senator Kennedy, Senator McCarthy, Senator Muskie, Senator Jackson, Congressman Ford, Governor Romney, Governor Rockefeller, and former Vice President Nixon participate in a march in Bimingham. Armed members of the Black Panther Liberation Front occupy Sproul Hall at UC Berkeley.

16 - Texas Rangers break up a KKK rally. Louisiana NG troops “invade” Texas. The Texas NG, Air NG, and State Guard are called to duty, and several counties are placed under martial law. CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia is bombed, killing Admiral Raborn.

17 - A riot breaks out, with shots fired, between KKK protesters and others at the Lincoln Memorial. Pres. Humphrey nominates Richard Helms as new Director of CIA. Police move in and end the occupation of Sproul Hall. Several students and 2 police officers are killed. Huey Newton, Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Liberation Front, states “our brothers in arms will be liberated by any means necessary, from Oakland to Selma, from Chicago to Detroit.”

18 - The Deacons for Defense and Justice merge into the BPLF.

19 - BPLF set off a car bomb outside a Detroit police statrion.

20 - Texas forces cross into Louisiana. Members of the BPLF rob the Trust and Loans bankin Chicago. Eldridge Cleaver is captured by the 101st in Alabama.

21- SCOTUS agrees to take up Gov. Allen's appeal. George Lincoln Rockwell kills Robert Mantes in Vicksberg and is later arrested in Virginia.

23 - The Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, Mississippi is bombed, killing four. The Texas National Guard occupies Shreveport, LA .

24 - Charges against Rockwell are dropped, but he is detained for questioning regading the Gulfport bombing.

25 - Rockwell is killed in jail by a black prisoner.

27 - A school in Charleston, South Carolina is bombed.

28 - Secretary McNamara threatens to nationalize all state NGs. Dean Rusk says he can neither confirm nor deny a build up of Soviet Troops in East Germany, but gives warning against Soviet aggression.

29 - The Inter-American Peace Force, comprised primarily of Brazilian troops and under the command of General Hugo Panasco Alvim of Brazil, lands in the Dominican Republic.


Undated - General William Westmoreland requests the 173rd Airborne be sent to Vietnam instead of National Guard unit, but is turned down..

1 - President Humphrey closes US embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2 - Coretta Scott King is released from federal custody.

6 - 67 Klansmen are killed by a black mob in a gunfight in Avondale, Ohio.

9 - Evacuation of US embassy in Santo Domingo is completed.

10 - Cease-fire talks between India and Pakistan fail. Gemini IV crew returns to Houston.

12 - Border incident at Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin.

13 - Situation in Berlin is tense but stabliizes. SDS radical faction issues Camp Kewadin Statement in support of the BPLF.

15 - Astro's owner Hoffberger blocks Braves move to Dallas. Port Authority officials of St Louis Municipal Harbor and St Louis police break up a white supremist bomb plot. Robert F. Williams Echoes Stokey Charmichael's Black Power and calls for black liberation in the US in a speech in Beijing.

16 - Foreign minister Z. A. Bhutto and several generals are forced out of power.

17 - US stock markets hit an 18-month low.

18 - Members of a KKK “cell” connected to St Louis plot arrested in Detroit.

19 - A coup takes place in South Vietnam. Economists forcast a recession in the US.

20 - Pentago confirms 5th ID to be deployed to Vietnam.

21 - Viet Cong Rainy Season Offensive is launched, causing heavy US casualties and capturing Loc Ninh and Dong Xoai.

22 - Harold Wilson calls for deescalation of Berlin situation.

23 - South Vietnamese and American troops recapture Dong Xoai.

24 -President of Germany, Heinrich Lubke and others are shot by Nabil al-Zahar of the Palestine Liberation Front. Soviets tell Nasser that the Israel air force is planning a strike.

26 - Chancellor Erhard authorizes Kommando Spezialkrafte Marine units to eliminate Palestine Liberation Front bases in Syria, within Iraq, and within Egypt. . 30 - US Coast Guard seizes a freighter with terrorists it claims were trained in China.


Undated - Two Australian officers captured in Indonesia after the coup attempt. Che Guevara leaves the Congo for Egypt. Milton Henry starts to organize an African-American the “Actual South Carolina government”. Saloth Sar, AKA Pol Pot, is killed by a man eating tiger on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Jerry Garcia choses the name Siddhartha for his band.

1 - Victor Dreke arrives in Algeria with Cuban soldiers and weapons.

2 - Matt Koehl calls for “Aryans in America to defy the army of Washington in a speech to the World Union of National Socialists.

4 - President Humphery calls for people to “bond as Americans” during 4th of July address. MartinLuther King, Sr., Billy Graham and other hold a special independence day service.

5 - A large fire destroys warehouses in Norfolk, Virginia. BPLF kiddnap a Toledo, Ohio police officer, demanding the release of Charlie Stevenson.

6 - France leave SEATO. Stokey Carmicheal arrives in Cuba.

7 - President Sukarno has CIA coup plotters arrested in Jakarta. Che Guevara pens letter to Casto explaining that his mission in the Congo is a failure and that he is planning to carry the revolution elsewhere.

9 - Fight between Dick “Richie” Allen and Frank Thomas, both of the Phillies.

10 - Military police arrest a number of university students and professors.

12 - Federal agents rescue the Toledo police office kidnapped by the BPLF. Elvis visits a black church in Memphis.

13 -Nasser expels West Germanembassy and demands a cesation of attacks.

15 - Israeli air force strikes Palestinina camps in the Sinai.

16 - The latest Soviet heavy transport crashes at the Paris Air Show.

17 - Sheriff Jim Clark, responsible for the Selma Massacre, killed by Deacon Elmo Jacobs.

25 - President Humphery appoints Curtis Le May as National Security Adviser.

26 - Loc Ninh is finally retaken from the Viet Cong. The Algerian Army mutinies and attempts a coup against President Ben Bella.

27 - Reginald Maudling beats Edward Heath in the Conservative Party leadership election.

29 - Richard Aoki and a BPLF cell detonate an ANFO car bomb at the Police Administration Building in Los Angeles, killing 17 LAPD officers, including Cheif Parker.

30 - A bomb kills three South Carolina national guardsmen guarding the State House in Colombia.

31 - Civil war starts in Algeria.


Undated - The Beatles visit LA during a break from their North American Tour. They take LSD for the first time with Jim McGuinn.

1 - Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden form the Nordic Union.

4 - CIA reports that Che Guevara is in Egypt and meeting with Nasser.

14/15 - A riot occurs in Sturgis, South Dakota over a feud between the Hells Angels and Jackpine Gypsys, which serves as the basis for Hunter Thompson's first book Death in Sturgis: How the Hell's Angels Went to War in South Dakota.

15 - The Beatles 2nd US tour opens in New York.

28 - Karen King, 8, is struck and killed by an LAPD cuiser, starting the LA Riots of 1965 lasting well into September.

30 - Milton Henry announces he has formed A New State to form the state of New Africa.


Undated - Che Guevara arrives in Indonesia. Bobby Garwood is captured by the Viet Cong and eventually turned against the Americans. Black workers orghanized by DURAW start a series of wildcat strikes at auto plants across Michigan. Richard Aoki's cell detonates several car bombs around California.

1 - United Steel Workers start an industry wide strike.

7 - Hurricane Betsy is headed towards New Orleans. Rev. Ian Paisley is struck by a hit-and-run driver. Braves announce they are moving to Atlanta.

8 - Black enlisted sailors on the USS Garcia mutiny.

9 - A chlorine barge breaks loose on the Missisippi during Betsy.

12 - The BPP, a splinter faction of the BPLF, bomb Whisky a Go Go. Ian Paisley dies of his injuries.

15 - Belfast police question Billy McMillen over Ian Paisley hit-and-run.

16 - American death toll in Vietnam passes 1000. 25% of casualties are black.

21 - New York Times breaks COINTELPRO story. Congress passes the Police and Public Protection Act.

22 - President Humphrey asks for J. Edgar Hoover's resignation.

23 - Louis Gray confirms he has Hoover's secret files. Thant criticizes US bombing of Vietnam.

25 - Gen. Westmoreland is severely wounded in a Viet Cong attack in Saigon.

26 - Massive anti-war protests shut down Over 500 large universities and colleges across country. Draft card burnings take place at many.

27 - Large protests against the war in Vietnam in Californi, New York, Ohio, and other states.

30 - Congress passes measures stating that a state of emergency and insurrection exists in the US, as well as the 1965 Emergencies Act which amends The Insurrection Act of 1807


Undated - John Nelson suggests a special weapons attack team to Daryl Gates. Last rebel units of the Lousiana National Guard surrender to federal troops. Milton Henry continues campaigning related to A New State.

1 - USS Garcia mutiners are found guilty.

2 - Nashville Mayor Beverly Briley is shot.

3 - Richard Aoki's string of bombings end when he is killed in a premature detonation at Camp Pendleton.

4 - President Humphrey issuse the Proclamation Declaring a State of Emergency and Insurrection to Exist and authorizes Operation Sherman I to commence in North Carolina. Reverend John Fry and Back P Stone gang leader Jeff “Angel” Ford are killed in an ongoing gang war in Chicago.

7 - Bob Dylan is seriously injured in a road accident. His European tour is cancelled and he temporarily withdraws from public life

8 - A bomb from a Convair Model 48 Charger flying air support for the 81st Airborne kills 30-40 KKK members.

10 - Hugh Rodham killed in Chicago gang war.

16 - Father James Groppi shoots and kills Milwaukee Chief of Police Harold Breier in a scuffle.

19 - Samuel Jefferson is crushed to death at the AMC assembly plant in Milwaukee. Foul play is suspected.

20 - A confrontation connected Samuel Jeffersonn's death escalates into a riot at the AMC assembly plant.

30 - A large explosion kills 6 at the National Guard Armory in Keokuk Iowa.

31 - The Halloween Blackout of 1965 leaves more than 75 million people in the Midwest and South without power and sparks rioting and violence in more than 35 cities.


Undated - Chesty Puller is making suggestios on dealing with the current unrest based on his small wars experience. Daryl Gates presents his ideas for a Special Weapons Attack Platoon to LA city council. The British and Australians begin withdrawing military forces from Borneo. Prime Minister Papandreou's son Andreas Papandreou and former Minister of Defence Petros Garoufalias, arrested on conspiracy charges in Greece, setting off weeks of civil unrest.

1 - Prince William of Gloucester dies in a plane crash.

3 - A riot breaks out at a Rolling Stones concert in Rochester. Mick Jagger breaks both legs in a fall from the stage and the remainder of the tour is canceled.

5 - Prime minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia issues the Unilateral Declaration Of National Independence.

7 - Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi dies in a freak accident.

11 - SCOTUS decides to hear case on legitimate South Carolina government.

16 - Kenyan President, Jomo Kenyatta dies and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga assumes the presidency. 18 - Roy Abernathy announces that AMC will open new assembly plant in eastern Tennesee, near Knoxville. 19 - Stormbringer's “Declaration of War Against the United States Government” is announced.

28 - Janis Joplin dies of a drug overdose at home in texas.


Undated: General Victor “Brute” Krulak visits Washington DC t o discuss Operation Sherman II, after consulting with Chesty Puller. Nesta Robert Marley moves to the US.

7 - Johnny Cash is arrested in El Paso on drug charges.

21 - After months of increasing ytensions and back and forth small scale violence, a bombing at a Unionist rally in Belfast kills 1 and injures 5. This is considered the start of The Difficulties in Northern Ireland.

General Undated

Jim Jones moves the People's Temple to Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

Cutis LeMay is named Special National Security Advisor. He tours SE Asia and plans Operation Rolling Thunder.

The Houston Police Department creates a Community Relations Division as part of the Puller Doctrine community policing strategy.

Winter: The Doors of Perception's “Eve of Destruction” and “Set it All on Fire” from the Doors of Perception album are hit songs dspitebeing bannned from the radio. Patty Sullivan remains with the group.

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