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TL-191 After the End : Poltical parties

This is a list of known political parties (by nation) that appear in this timeline. The list does not include political parties that have gone defunct prior to the end of the Second Great War, i.e. the end of the canon TL-191 series. (Note: TBA = To Be Added.)

United States of America

Democratic Party- Like in TL-191 itself, America's lead conservative party. Dominates New England, the Great Plains and the South. The last Democratic president as of 1999 was Thurston DeFrancis.

Socialist Party- Self explanatory, it has grown a bit more moderate from its years in power. Dominates the West Coast, Carribean, Mid-Atlantic, Pacific, and Great Lakes states. The last Socialist president as of 1999 was Leo Enos.

Republican Party - Returned to the US political stage in 1980, after a hiatus of 100 years. The first 20th century Republican president of the US was Morgan Reynolds. Moderate, it dominates Canada, the upper midwest and mountainous west. The latest Republican president as of 1999 is Patrick Gutierrez.


Liberal Reconstruction Party - Won the first free elections after the coup d'état in 1946.

Socialist Party of Mexico

The United Kingdom

Progressive Liberal Party - Post-SGW successor to both the Liberal Democrat Party (“Lib-Dem”) and Conservative Party (“Tories”). It gained its first Prime Minister, Geoffrey Wright, in the 1997 elections.

Labour Party - Largely analogous to the OTL Labour Party. Lead most of the post-SGW British cabinets during the second half of the 20th century.


Irish Democratic Party

National Republican Party

Ecological Party of Ireland


New Socialist Party

Ecological Party of France


Socialist Party

Spanish Ecological Party


Right Bloc - A coalition of center-right parties.

Liberal Socialist Party - Experienced a brief ascendence during the Tech Recession of the 1990s.


Socialist Party

Liberal Party

Agrarian Front

Renewal Front - Arab minority party based in Tunis, Tunisia.

National Democratic Party - Arab minority party based in Tripolis, Lybia.

Other minority parties - One Berber minority party and at least one Jewish minority party (primarily aligned with the Mizrachi movement).

German Empire

Social Democratic Party

Conservative Party

Ecological Party of Germany - On the rise since the 1980s.


Social Democratic Party - Largely an ATL continuation of the OTL Social Democratic Party of Austria.

Hungarian Social Democratic Party - An ATL continuation of the OTL Hungarian Social Democratic Party (particularly its form during the OTL existence of Austria-Hungary).

Agricultural Union - An agrarian/peasant party that is analogous to the ideology and scope of OTL's Bulgarian Agrarian National Union.

Czech Progressive Party - An ATL continuation of the eponymous OTL party from the pre-WWI years.

Smaller minority parties - Bosniaks, Croats, Jews, Poles, Romanians, Serbians, Slovaks, Slovenes and Ukrainians have their own national parties that represent them in the imperial parliament. Some are conservative, while some minority groups are aligned with the major Social Democratic movements. Austro-Hungarian Jewish parties include the Mizrachi Party (Jews sympathetic to this ATL's Mizrachi movement), World Agudath Israel, which represents the empire's Hasidic and Orthodox Jews, and the Jewish Social Democratic Association Bund, a social-democratic, Yiddish-language party. All three ATL Jewish parties have their basis in OTL ones.

Austro-Hungarian Ecological Party - On the rise since the 1980s and 1990s, much like the one in the German Empire.

Russian Republic

Socialist Party

Justice and Prosperity Party

Renewal Party

Russian Ecological party

Communist Party - Lost in the 1960s, gradually disappeared from the political scene.

Ottoman Empire

Golden Wolves - Ultranationalist party with its own military wing.

Mosul Democratic Party - Pan-Kurdish nationalist party.

Republic of Bharat

Socialist Party

Republic of China

Democratic Party of China

Ecological Party of China

Japanese Worker's Republic

Syndicalist Party

Ecological Party of Japan / Japanese Ecological Party

Empire of Brazil

Partido ecológico (Ecological Party) - Pioneer of ecoist politics and ecological parties in the post-SGW era of TL-191. Founded by Brazilian conservationist Dr. Lucas Braga.


Tanganyika People’s Union

Tanganyika People’s Party

South Africa

Afrikaner National Party

National Party

Justice Party for Rhodesia’s People

Commonwealth of Australia

Liberal Nationalist Party

State of New Zealand


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