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Neo-Mughal Empire (Look to the West)

A state in Look to the West ruling over much of the north of India. In OTL, the Afghans under Ahmed Shah Abdali successfully and repeatedly sacked Delhi and Abdali considered marrying the daughter of the Mughal Emperor, or marrying her to his son. However, in OTL his son Timur turned out to be incapable of holding his father's Durrani Empire together.

In TTL, though, Abdali has two sons, Timur and Nadir, both of whom are capable rulers. After his death in 1773, an Afghan Loya Jirga decided to divide his inheritance, with Timur ruling the western Durrani Empire (consisting largely of modern OTL Afghanistan) and Nadir, married to the last Mughal Emperor's daughter, ruling the east - becoming known as the Neo-Mughal Empire.

The Emperor rules with the assistance of a Wazir (=Vizier, prime minister).

List of Mughal and Neo-Mughal Emperors since 1727

1719-1720: Power struggle between Nikusiyar, Mohammed Ibrahim and the eventually victorious Mohammed Shah, amid the invasion by Persian warlord Nadir Shah.

1720-1748: Mohammed Shah

1748-1756: Ahmad Shah Bahadur

1756-1774: Alamgir II

1774-1809: Nadir Shah (not to be confused with his Persian namesake)

1809-: Mohammed Shah II. His cousin Ayub of the Western (Afghan) empire tried to take his throne in a war 1808-1818, but Mohammed's position was never seriously threatened.


The flag chosen by Nadir combines the Afghan red-black-white tricolour with the traditional symbols of the Mughals - a golden crescent on green.

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