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Soviet Launch Vehicles


The N-series launchers, representing the N-I, N-II and N-III, are a series of launchers used by the Soviets in this timeline. The N-I OTL is the most powerful N-series launcher ITTL.

N-Series Family Elements

Description Number of Engines Total thrust (kN, vac) Isp (s, vac)
Blok A The heavyweight lower stage of the N-series. First stage of the N-1.30 NK-15 engines45,400330
Blok B Middleweight stage of the N-series. Lower stage of the N-II and second stage of the N-I8 NK-15/8 NK-15VVariesVaries
Blok V Lower stage of the N-III and the second lightest stage in the N-series inventory.4 NK-15/4 NK-21VariesVaries
Blok G Lightest stage in the N-series inventory.1 NK-21 and 1 NK-54785340
225km x 225km, 52 24568kg
700km x 700km, 82 16608kg
225km x 35785km, 52 7857kg

The above payload figures assume a fairing massing 2000kg that is released 145 seconds into the flight, during the second stage burn.

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