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List of Wars in Ameriwank

American Wars

1775-1781: Revolutionary War

  • Creation of the United States, defeat of the British Empire. Transfer of British North American territories to the US.

1798-1799: Franco-American War

  • Defeat of the French Empire. US gains Guiana, St. Pierre & Miqueleon, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, and French India.

1801-1805: Barbary Wars

  • Defeat of the piratical Barbary states of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli with republican states forced on them in place of the old Bey system. Also leads to US intervention in the Moroccan Civil War.

1806-1808: The First Ottoman American War

  • US holds back Ottoman forces looking to kick the Americans out of their sphere of influence. Secures the existence of its North African allied republics and Morocco.

1812-1816: The War of the Sixth Coalition

  • US engages with coalition forces in a loose alliance with France. In reality it is largely and almost exclusively a war between the US and British Empire with theaters of conflict spread across the world in North America (British supported Indioes), the Mediterranean (US and North African allies against British and Ottoman allies), India (US and Indian allies against BEIC and allies), and Australia (US supported Australian rebels against royalist troops and supporters).

1845-1848: Mexican-American War

  • US defeats Mexico. Mexican lands north of the Tropic of Cancer are taken by the US. Yucatan and Tehuantepec are granted independence with Yucatan becoming a US protectorate.

1857-1862: The Civil War/The Great War

  • A massive collection of wars that merge together after the US fragments into the Union and Confederacy over the question of slavery. Union-Greece-USE-Italian States-New Royalist Portuguese vs. France-Confederacy-South American Coalition vs. Ottoman Empire vs. Russia along with the Anglo-Chinese War. In the end the Ottoman Empire is dissolved with Russia gaining Constantinople and Black Sea Coast, independence granted to Balkan states, and US gaining most of the Arab world. The Confederacy is ended leading to reconstruction and large social unrest in the US. France is severly punished and descends into Civil War. USE power expands despite economic and social weaknesses. New Royalists take over Portugese Empire, Brazil, and Uruguay. Southern Coalition nations of Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina are annexed by the US along with former French Mexico and the nations of Yucatan and Tehuantepec and various French colonies. British largely gain Qing China as a de facto colony.

Wars Involving Other Countries

1789-99: French Revolution

  • Lower Class Rebellion against the Bourbon Monarchy.

1803-1815: Napoleonic Wars

  • Massive wars in Europe waged by Napoleon Bonaparte's France and their allies against Britain, Spain, Prussia, Austria, Russia and their allies. Resulted in the defeat of France, the execution of Napoleon at Lagenfeld, and the rise of Russia and Austria.

1817-1822: South & Central American Wars of Independence

  • Simon Bolivar with US/Order of Freedom aid frees Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia from Spanish rule. Jose San Martin frees Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile. In Central America Augstin Itrubide frees Mexico and Central American provinces.

1821-1826: Greek Rebellion

  • Failed Greek attempt to break away from the Ottoman Empire.

1825-1828: Argentina-Brazilian War

  • Results in independence for Uruguay

1836: Texan War for Independence

  • Texas is granted Independence from Mexico

1856-59: Anglo-Chinese War

  • British Empire gains Formosa, Southern China, Korea, and Shandong Peninsula as Crown Colonies. Qing China becomes a British protectorate with exclusive British rights to trade and politics.
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