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  • Name: Ambar- Ideias no Papel S.A
  • Type: Sociedade Anónima
  • Industry: Office & educationaal materials, home paper and gifts
  • Founded: 1939
  • Founder: Américo Barbosa
  • Headquarters: Porto, Portuguese Federation
  • Area served: Portuguese Federation, Lusitania Commonwealth, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Products: office material (Lever arch files, notebooks, files..) back to school (backpacks, pencil cases, ringbinders…) and products for home (Photo Albums, organisers, wrapping systems…).
  • Services: Office, educational and home Paper products and materials

Ambar based in Porto, Portuguese Federation. Founded in 1939 is the largest book binder, office and educational supply company in the Federation and commonwealth with over 5,000 employees


Ambar was founded in 1939 by Américo Barbosa, with bookbinding as its main activity. Its name derives from the first two syllables of the name of the founder.

In the 1940s the company expanded and opened a second plant north of Lisbon to serve the growing commercial office supply while its Porto plant expanded to meet the massive educational demand for paper and school products.

In the 1950s the company expanded by opening a plant in Panjim to produce a variety of business and educational backpacks, briefcases and attaché cases.

In the 1960s the company expanded into the Federation and opened a subsidiary in Brazil and Argentina.

In 1992, Américo Barbosa died, and his daughter, Isabel Barbosa, became Chairman of the Board of Directors. Her main mission was to continue the work of her father, introducing into his project a priority objective of growth and dissemination of the Ambar brand throughout the world, promoting innovation and greater emotional involvement in all products.

In the 1990s the company expanded into the home market manufacturing a variety of Photo Albums, organisers, wrapping systems.

In 2004, Ambar changed its name to AMBAR – IDEAS NO PAPEL, SA, a move to accompany a well-defined change in its strategy, based on three key aspects: creativity, focus on the consumer, internationalization.

Today AMBAR – IDEAS NO PAPEL, SA, products are found all over the world and is ranked as one of the top 10 office and educational supply companies in the world.

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