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  • Name: EdFor S.A
  • Type: Sociedade Anónima
  • Industry: Automobile Manufacturer
  • Founded: 1937
  • Founder: Eduardo Ferreirinha
  • Headquarters: Porto, Portuguese Federation
  • Area served: Portuguese Federation, Lusitania Commonwealth, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Products: Sports Cars, luxury sports cars.
  • Services: Automobiles

EdFor based in Porto, Portuguese Federation. Founded in 1937 is the premier automobile sports car and luxury sports car manufacturer in the Federation.


EdFor was founded in 1937 by Eduardo Ferreirinha, as the country's first completely built automobile in the country.

In the 1940s the company expanded and opened a larger manufacturing plant. Following the war the company expanded into luxury family cars while maintaining its predominant sports car as the main automobile. It continued to produce racing models and its car finished in the country's and European racing in the top 5 every year.

In the 1950s the company started producing the E series sports car for general sales competing with high end sport car manufacturers from Italy such as Lotus and Ferrari. From 1954-1959 Harry Rugeroni and Agostinho Sousa Roxo alternated winning the F1 each year racing special EdFor racing vehicles.

In the 1960s the company expanded production becoming one of the worlds four largest sports car and luxury sports car manufacturers.

In 1979, Eduardo Ferreirinha died, and his son, Joao Ferreirinha, became Chairman of the Board of Directors. Under his leadership the company increased production with the G series mass production sports car. Called the fastest and most powerful mass production sports car on the market it went head to head with German car manufacturer Porch.

Today EdFor– produces 4 (four) different line of sports and high end vehicles.

EdFor Grand Sport (1937) Curtesy of EdFor Automobile Museum

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