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Crime (The Future is Now)

Correct to 20th May, 2014 - Post 895


February 6, 2014: The Ukrainian crisis reaches a boiling point, when armed thugs (later revealed to be hired by the government) beat opposition politician Yulia Tymoshenko to death while she is in prison. The act would be condemned by the international community and especially the EU, which now call for Yanukovych to resign (which he adamantly refuses to).

March 25, 2014: President Salva Kiir of South Sudan is killed when tensions escalate into a violent battle in the capital city. While Kiir's death is confirmed, his cause of death remains unknown - and no faction takes responsibility.

April 19, 2014: Musician Chris Brown is arrested after a violent incident where he allegedly fired a pistol into the ground and stole $500 from a hotel employee in Orlando, Florida. Fellow musician Sevyn Streeter is arrested for driving Brown away afterwards.

May 14, 2014: Chris Brown pleas guilty to robbery charges over the Orlando robbery. He is sentenced to four years in prison

May 17, 2014: Sevyn Streeter goes to trial over the Chris Brown robbery case, and pleas innocent.

May 28, 2014: Despite what many pundits predict, Sevyn Streeter is found not guilty on all charges. Three hours after the verdict, a previous unreleased single entitled “Free” is released by her record label causing controversy. The song debuts at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

June 8, 2014: Vladmir Putin is critically injured during an assassination attempt, taking three bullets to the torso. He is immediately hospitalized but remains unconscious. Police immediately detain the would be assassin who is described as a “radical lesbian anarchist” by Russia Today.

June 8, 2014: An Islamic terrorist cell from the Caucuses announce that they are the ones who attempted to assassinate Putin. Despite this, Russia Today still runs with the headline describing the assassin as a “radical lesbian anarchist” to boost reader-base for the extreme Russian Orthodox.

June 9, 2014: In retaliation of the attempted assassination of Vladimir Putin, a group of Russian army soldiers in St. Peterborough starts a killing spree against anybody they see as homosexual after posting a video on social media sites. The death toll from the massacre levels at 61, the deadliest single rampage killing, but was heightened by the fact there was a group of them.

June 10, 2014: The video announcing the massacre is taken from YouTube. Dmitry Medvedev condemns the massacre the day he becomes Interim President and announced a military tribunal. This gives the world a gimps into the massive change between Medvedev and Putin, putting Medvedev in a positive light.

September 11, 2014: The Muslim Brotherhood of Saudi Arabia commits it’s first terrorist attack against Saudi Arabia, in a scene that disturbingly mirrors the Westgate Massacre in Nairobi taking place in the Mall of Arabia in Jeddah. A hostage crisis ensues with the Muslim Brotherhood of Saudi Arabia demanding Saudi Arabia leaving Al-Islah controlled land and peacefully accepting it as part of the country.

September 15, 2014: After 5 days of hostage negotiations, the group from the Muslim Brotherhood of Saudi Arabia is apprehended and shot on scene by Saudi Arabian forces. Unfortunately, during the raid, the terrorists manage to throw a grenade off, killing 28 members of the public and 4 Saudi Arabian police-men.

October 2, 2014: A second incident involving NSA and CIA international investigations and illegal operations is revealed once again. The responsible for this time was Anvril Haines Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, who is suffering from a serious case of brain cancer in the terminal stage.

November 21, 2014: CIA agents in cooperation with Mexican intelligence thwart a plan to kidnap the President Peña Nieto Daughter Paulina by a Cartel in response to what appeared to be a ceasefire with the Cartel's rivals. President Peña Nieto vows that when he is no longer president the Cartel's will no longer have power in Mexico.

December 11, 2014: A plot to detonate a bomb in Times Square during New Year's celebrations is uncovered by US security forces. Although Al-Qaeda were initially thought to be the perpetrators, the plot is found to be the work of a rogue, relatively small group.


February 20, 2015: Former White House intern Jamie Andrews leaks documents which imply that the Obama administration and the Democratic National Committee used national security surveillance programs to their electoral advantage during the 2014 midterm elections, sparking national media attention.

May 17, 2015: The International Criminal Court announces an investigation into the genocide of homosexuals after the Putin assassination attempt is to be made. Medvedev will not be investigated as he was the one who halted the genocide.

June 3, 2015: The United States Congress holds an investigative hearing concerning the matter of the Jamie Andrews documents, intending to discover if there was any wrongdoing on the part of Obama administration officials.

June 6, 2015: During a congressional investigative hearing, United States President Barack Obama famously declares that he “had no substantial knowledge of surveillance misuse.” Despite Sen. Rand Paul's continued questioning of the President over the legal definition of substantial, President Obama is cleared of any wrongdoing and concludes his presence at the so-called “PRISM hearings”.

June 28, 2015: 23 people are killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma when a gunman opens fire at a public ceremony where five same-sex couples are married. The gunman claims to be “commanded by God” after he is arrested.

July 1, 2015: 17 people are shot dead in another religiously-motivated anti-gay marriage massacre, this time in Tupelo, Mississippi.


January 1, 2016:Iraqi Kurdistan declares independence. in Syria, Al-Qaeda launches a chemical attack on Damascus, killing over 4,000.

January 10, 2016: Mass arrests of suppliers, confiscations of drugs, and assaults on drug lords have started on this day in not only Mexico, but in the American Southwest, Columbia and Peru. This is that start of what will be known as the Bloody Six Months. In recognition for the most concentrated actions over the Cartel Wars.

May 18, 2016: A Mexican Cartel in the Yucatan city of Mérida use a local school to hide product from the authorities in desperation after a surprise raid.

May 19, 2016: A local student accidentally sets of the product causing a chemical explosion killing 31, injuring another 18. The global community universally condemns the cartels for the action.

May 30, 2016: A new local drug-lord by the name “Heisenburg” makes appearances in the city of Albuquerque.

July 18, 2016: 34 are killed when a man opens fire in an airplane. The plane makes an emergency landing in Moscow. The shooter is arrested and identified as American Kenneth Small. The gun he used was plastic and made with a 3D printer. He had with him what appeared to be a suicide note that quoted “Not Guilty” by Eminem. Russian authorities say they will put Small on trial.

July 22, 2016: US Attorney General Eric Holder causes a stir in international affairs when he says that suspected mass murderer Kenneth Small is an American Citizen and as such he should be put on trial in the US. Currently, Small is being held at Butryka Prison in Moscow.

August 14, 2016: 3 months after her win for the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest, Tulisa is arrested under drug dealing charges and sentenced with 6 years in jail.

August 31, 2016: In Miami a local cartel was violently dismantled by an unknown person or persons through excessive amount of explosives. The US government claims it was the action of the CIA. But locals claim it was the work of a man known as “Michael Westen”. CIA liaisons claim Michael Westen doesn't exit. In other news Russian KGB officials announce new security protocols.

November 13, 2016: Chechen terrorists unleash a very small sample of the Marburg virus in Astrakhan, Russia, killing over 100 people.


July 28, 2017: Former Eurovision Song Contest winner, N-Dubz member and X-Factor UK judge Tulisa is seriously wounded in prison, being transported to a hospital in the Greater London area.

July 29, 2017: Tabloid newspapers report on Tulisa’s injury gained in prison and announce she is in critical condition, but likely to make a recovery. They also reveal that she was stabbed by a fellow in-mate who confessed that she had been smuggling contraband into the jail.

December 13, 2017: Al-Shabaab lays claim to an attack on the African Union's headquarters in Addis Ababa after a bomb-laden truck bypassed security perimeters during the 29th Annual A.U. Summit. Despite failing to reach the Assembly, the intended target, the vehicle managed to detonate only 100 metres away, killing over 83 delegates and diplomatic staff - including Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome. In a televised statement, top commander Ahmed Abdi Godane would say the “…illegal occupation of Ogaden,” and Ethiopia's “heinous gall”in being participant to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) warranted retaliatory actions “of the highest order.” AMISOM operations in Somalia have been under increasing scrutiny by critics with seemingly little progress achieved in eradicating the al-Qaeda-backed group from the country - as AU contingents have been stuck in cyclical advance and retreat for years due to insufficient manpower.


August 25, 2018: A group calling themselves the Scottish National Liberation Army claims responsibility of the death of Prince William in the crash of the royal plane in London Heathrow through sabotage. In a video, they stated their cause as the royal family being “a clear symbol of the tyranny of the United Kingdom”.

October 9, 2018: A new Islamic extremist magazine starts to circulate across the UK and France created by an organization calling themselves Yawm ad-Di. This magazine gives praise to attacks done by Islamic extremists across the world and also preached an anti-western and anti-Christian message, and is picked up by British and French intelligence who start to look into Yawm ad-Di.

December 25, 2018: The Government of the United Kingdom announces criminal charges for manslaughter for the ground crew of the flight that crashed, killing Prince William. In a special Christmas Message to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations, the queen shows her grief of losing Prince Philippe in 2015 and now Prince William in 2018 but encourages the Commonwealth to keep strong, especially referencing Scotland.


February 19, 2019: Kristin Cavuto, a 24-year-old substitute English teacher from Centennial, Colorado is arrested for statutory rape after it is revealed that she is in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

February 24, 2019: Just days after the story made the press, Bryce Hartmann, the high-school senior Kristin Cavuto was in a relationship with comes forward, identifies himself, and angrily states that he and Cavuto (whom he refers to as his girlfriend) are deeply in love, their relationship was completely consensual (and in fact his idea), Cavuto is by no means a “rapist,” and a “third party like the Colorado State Government has absolutely no right to infringe upon” their love. Hartmann also warned the media that referring to him as a “victim” is “stupid, ignorant and bigoted,” and accused both the media and Colorado State Government of ageism. It is noteworthy that Hartmann's parents barely played a role in his statement, and Hartmann acted on his own for the most part.

February 26, 2019: Two days after Bryce Hartmann's scathing statement, The National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) issues a video in complete support of Hartmann. In the video the NYRA President Jeffery Nadel calls imprisoning Kristin Cavuto for her relationship with Hartmann and referring to their loving relationship as rape “completely disgusting.” He goes on to compare people not tolerating “age-illegal” couples such as Cavuto and Hartmann to how same-sex and interracial couples were illegal and not tolerated in the past. He goes on to end his rant by saying “because of bigotry, Mr. Hartmann and Miss Cavuto had to keep their healthy, stable and full of love relationship private, and in the end, their love caused Miss Cavuto to be labeled as a “rapist” and Hartmann as a “victim” while their relationship was completely consensual. Where has the world gone. I really hope all young people are listening because we truly need another civil rights movement.”

February 30, 2019: In less than a week, Bryce Hartmann's statement and the NYRA response have both gone viral on YouTube with the original statement having 28 million views and the response with 9 million.

June 1, 2019: Al-Qaeda militants from Yemen gun down 36 people and injure over 90 in the lobby of Jeddah's Kingdom Tower promising to destroy the current Saudi regime.

August 20, 2019: A car bomb detonates outside of a crowded hardware store in San Antonio, 13 are killed in the blast and a large section of the box-store collapsed. Preliminary reports find no motive to bombing the store, leading many to believe it was a mass murder.

August 25, 2019: A car bomb explodes in front of the New York Public Library. There are no fatalities since the bomb was discovered minutes before and the surrounding area evacuated completely. The bomb detonated while the bomb squad were returning to the bomb. The historic building is heavily damaged in the blast with 2 injuries to firefighters.

August 26, 2019: The team of 4 terrorists who were responsible for the New York bombing are captured, one committing suicide before being apprehended. The group were caught trying to travel back to San Antonio, that connects them to the hardware store bombing, and also confessed to attempting to bomb Times Square earlier in December 2014. They also claim to be inspired by Al-Qaeda and more recently by a publication called Yawm al-di originating in Europe, trying to bring Islamic extremism into the US.

August 30, 2019: Investigations into the group reveal that before the plot in 2014, the group again closed up loose-ends like in the hardware bombing, by massacring the suppliers, found on the Mexican border after the new year in 2015. The group is charged all together with 16 first-degree murders and many other charges related to the attacks.

December 20, 2019: During the Christmas shopping period, multiple bombs detonated in Birmingham city centre, being one car bomb and 2 backpack-bombs. The attack occurred in the Bullring Centre, specifically the Selfridges store and St. Martins Square, as well as a car bomb in the Queen Drive entrance to Birmingham New Street Station. It was instantly titled the largest and most infamous attack on the United Kingdom since the 7th July bombings and the Murder of Lee Rigby. Despite the news reports and panic caused by the attacks, the death toll only finished at 32, a majority (19) coming from Birmingham New Street. A group calling themselves Yawm ad-Dī took responsibility for the attack and introduced themselves as a group based in Western Europe with branches connected via the dark-net.


February 17, 2020: The London Metropolitan Police performs a raid on an apartment on the outskirts of London which is suspected to be the UK hub for Yawm ad-Dī. The raid is successful in capturing the leader and 2nd in command of the UK Yawm ad-Dī, with 3 Yawm ad-Dī deaths and no police causalities, a further 3 members are also arrested.

July 15, 2020: A major series of suicide bombings kills over 230 people in Shia distracts of Baghdad marking one of the worst days of violence in post-Saddam Iraq. Al-Qaeda in the Levant claims responsibility for the attack in response to the creation of the UIR.

November 6 – November 25, 2020: A series of sniper shootings between Manchester and Liverpool are contributed to the SNLA, though they deny knowledge and do not claim responsibility. Mass panic is spread despite the fact, showcasing the paranoia created by recent terrorism in the UK and the US.

November 27, 2020: The perpetrators of the spree killings between Manchester and Liverpool, named as brothers Vince and Ray Browloche, are caught and are revealed to be copycats of the infamous Beltway Snipers. No connection to terrorism, the non-proven SNLA, Yawm ad-Dī or the Fleas is found and terrorism is crossed out as a motive. Becoming just a deadly rampage killing across the UK. The death toll of the Browloche killings ends at 14 dead and 9 injured.


June 1, 2023: In Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Eurovision Song Contest occurs with Egypt winning for the first time since it joined in 2017. The competition is marred by a successful terrorist attack on the official Eurovision hotel. Preliminary investigations and interviews say the explosion came from the room between where the Moroccan and British entries were staying. The explosion took out the entire floor, but happened during the contest so the floor was empty. 4 people died and 3 injured when the floor collapsed on the rooms above onto the 3 rooms below none the less.

June 3, 2023: A new cell of Islamic extremists, much like Yawm ad-Dī who committed the attacks on Christmas shoppers in 2019, but with a combination of members from Morocco and Yawm ad-Dī, claims responsibility for the attack on the Eurovision Song Contest as a protest of Morocco participating in a “western competition”. The claim does not stand as being from a cell of Yawm ad-Dī and is decided that it comes from a group of lone-wolves.

October 8, 2023: A series of huge car bombings takes place in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, likely tied to the recent military coup. Roughly 100 die and 400 more are injured in these attacks. In an effort to reduce the chances of a repeat attack, the Government clamps down on travel in the main cities and begins building checkpoints inside the capitol.

October 17, 2023: General Musthaffa survives an assassination attempt in which a large bomb was placed inside a van carrying goods into the Presidential palace . It is discovered in time and the bomb is disposed of.

December 17, 2023: While travelling at night in Boston, Lauren Birchfield is in a car accident involving a drunk driver, leaving her paralyzed from the waste down. Birchfield is the wife of Sen. Joe Kennedy (D-MA), who is currently running for President.


February 15, 2024: Surveillance places wanted terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite, nicknamed the “White Widow” in Western Europe. The widow of 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay and terrorist Habib Saleh Ghani, killing in a raid in 2007, was identified by the Spanish CentroNacional de Inteligencia and is supposedly running a cell of Yawm ad-Di, connecting two cells of Yawm ad-Di with different terrorist groups. Surveillance also identifies a French cell with plans to attack the French rail systems in multiple attacks, advised by Lewthwaite to be similar to the 7/7 attacks.

February 23, 2024: The French cell of Yawm ad-Di who were plotting the attacks on the French rail systems is arrested outside of Nice, but no advances on Samantha Lewthwaite or her cell had been made.

March 2, 2024: Yawm ad-Di is put onto the list of terrorist groups in Spain, France, UK, Ireland, Germany and the European Union. Samantha Lewthwaite is then called the most wanted person in the European Union, even if there is no evidence that she is even in the union any more.

March 11, 2024: On the 20th anniversary of the Madrid train bombings in 2004, a hurried attack occurs on 3 trains travelling into Madrid in striking similarities to the 2004 attack, but on a lower scale. The attack is instantly attributed to Yawm ad-Di and Samantha Lewthwaite’s cell and if suspected that this was the plot to occur in France. A total of 5 bombs detonated with a death toll across the 3 trains of 73.

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