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The Call of Squirrelthullu

THE CALL OF SQUIRRELTHULLU, by robertp6165, is a tongue-in-cheek timeline/story which was inspired by a thread created by the_lyniezian called “Kill the Greys.” In the said thread, the_lyniezian asked what the effects might be if the Grey Squirrel, a non-native species which was introduced to Great Britain many years ago and which has all but displaced the native Red Squirrel, as well as making itself the pest of bird lovers by constantly raiding their bird seed, were eradicated from Britain.

Robertp6165 offered a decidedly disturbing answer…the rise, in the forests of Canada, of a semi-Lovecraftian Squirrel god, bent on revenge on those who killed “its children in Britain.” This…god?…Creature?…has been worshipped for thousands of years by a secret society of Native American medicine men, who, about 10,000 years ago, managed to defeat it and consign it to a secret tomb underneath the Canadian forest. Since that time they have placated it with frequent offerings of living human flesh and salted nuts…its favorite foods. Now, having freed itself from its imprisonment, it goes on a rampage in the forests of Northern Ontario, attacking cargo trucks filled with nuts and devouring unsuspecting campers as it seeks the human flesh and salted nuts it needs to rejuvenate it's strength in preparation for the trip to Britain, where it will wreak it's revenge. Meanwhile, it is pursued by a hardheaded detective from the Ontario Provincial Police, and an Ojibway tribal policeman who is seeing the childhood terror tales told by his ancient grandmother coming to life.

Sound interesting? You can read it here.

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