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Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler (1889-1944) was the Führer of the Third Reich from 1934 until his death in 1944. Hitler's successes against Poland and France in 1939 and 1940 respectively, followed by his defeat of the Soviet Union in 1941, and early successes against the United Kingdom convinced him that Germany could not be defeated. His hopes of launching Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain ended in 1942 after the entry of the United States as a British ally. In an attempt to capture the oil fields of Mesopotamia and closing off the Suez Canal to the British, Hitler over extended his army, ultimatley leading to Germany's doom. Frustrated by the turn of the tide of the war, and Hitler's execution of the conflict, the Führer was assassinated by a bomb planted under his desk by high ranking members of the military in 1944. He was succeeded by Hermann Göring.

Due to his part in the final solution, and the millions of death caused by the war in Europe, Hitler is regarded by many as the ultimate face of evil.

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