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St.Johnstone Football Club.

St.Johnstone are a professional football club, hailing from the fair city of Perth in Scotland. Their influence runs through the consciousness of anyone who truly loves the beautiful game. Their team is known to have claimed many notable victories throughout their commendable history and is currently on course to win the UEFA Europa League 2014, with as things stand, they have achieved the most away wins of entrants in their round in this years competition.

Famous Players/Links

Sir Alex Ferguson. The former Manchester United manager once recalled how he would not have become the truly great manager he did if it were not for scoring for St.Johnstone reserves against Third Lanark reserves in a misty mid-week tie in February at Cathkin Park.

Ally McCoist Famously said that had he had a few more pies then he too could have equalled the record of Rod“the God”Grant as a St.Johnstone hero. Instead he ended up in Glasgow, playing for a smaller club.

Lionel Messi Was quoted as saying “My goal in football is to be up there with legends like Jim Weir.”

Immitation as a form of flattery

Barcelona famously now play in a blue and red strip. What is not known is that they initially played in the colours of the Catalan flag, but after playing a friendly against a St.Johnstone reserve side, where they lost 7-1, they changed the yellow stripe to blue in honour of the colours of the Scottish club.


Not a greedy club, Saints have allowed other teams to share in both the Scottish and international football honours. They do, however hold the record as the biggest team in Perth, despite what fifty busses heading to Glasgow imply.

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