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Nation Games Community Podcast

jankmaster98, the Supreme Chancellor of Nation Games, first hosted a podcast on the 8th of February, 2020. His intent was to utilize the recording as part of a coursework assignment for his Video Games and Media class in university (which he did and reportedly received an “A”). This would set the precedent for future NG community podcasts. All NG podcasts are organized on the Royal Nation Games Discord server.

Jank's homework assignment: Nation Games (and historical games in general) are discussed as a form of media. Notable as the only NG podcast to receive any editing. Occurred on 8 February 2020.

Podcast 1“: A “Welcome to Nation Games” podcast in which the attendants discuss what Nation Games are. Occurred on 21 March 2020

Podcast 2”: Discussion Topic: War of Spanish Succession (chosen by straw poll). Occurred on 4 April 2020

Podcast 3: Discussion Topic: “Plans” (Chosen by straw poll). Occurred on 11 April 2020

Podcast 4: Discussion Topic “1860s”. Occurred on 23 May 2020

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