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The Welsh user known as Gwrtheyrn Annwn is well known within the Nation Games community as the member with the most difficult name to correctly spell or pronounce. He has participated in, modded, and created many nation games since joining the NG community in 2016. Gwrtheyrn is also part of the mod team on the NG community discord server, where he has adopted the much more reasonable alias “Gwyn”.

Nation Games By Gwrtheryn Annwn

Notable games created by Gwrtheryn Annwyn include the following:

Glories of Eden: A Scramble for Africa NG Created by Gwrtheyrn Annwn, and has been described by him as the greatest game he ever run. It took place in the historical world of 1861 and continued until 1880, played from 14 Sep 2017 to 12 Dec 2017 in real time.

Blood, Iron and Steam: A Steampunk Nation Game Set in an alternative 1881 in which the world has been transformed by advanced technology of the steampunk and biopunk genre. It was run from 19 Nov 2019 to 10 Mar 2020

CNG: Broken Mirror: Chapter Two: After the Fallout Run from 13 Jan 2016 to 24 Jan 2016

Theirs but to Do and Die Run from 2 May 2018 to 12 Jun 2018

He has co-modded in many other games as well.

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