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The AIPverse is a series of connected election games created by Komodo with a Point of Divergence in the 1968 election, leading to George Wallace's American Independent Party becoming a major party and winning power in 1980, replacing the Republicans as the right-wing party. In most of the AIPverse, the Republicans normally become the major opposition party, advocating a renewed Rockefeller Republican liberalism, with the Democrats shrinking to a minor far-left party.

To Toss The Gauntlet Before The Feet of Tyranny is the first of the AIPverse games and it was originally envisaged as a game where the AIP is a minor far-right party, but quickly changed from that to the recognisable AIPverse format. It also introduced Phil Crane as the President in the 1980s (that has became a consistent part of the “traditional” AIPverse games). The American Independent Party, after success under Crane and Jesse Helms in the 1980s, only had an one-term President (Marvin Richardson) after that, with Republicans dominating due to player intervention screwing over the AIP, especially in 1992 and 2000. The much-shrunken Democrats split in moderates (joining the Republicans) and radicals (fusing with the Statehood Party to form the Democratic-Statehood Party).

With Liberty And Justice For All is the second AIPverse game, this time playing the increasingly-liberal Republicans. Despite attempts to push it to the right to prevent an AIP rise (notably coming close to nominating James Buckley in 1976 and nominating Ronald Reagan in 1980), Phil Crane still became President. The AIP had more success in this world despite losing 1988, as they had a two-term President in the form of Larry McDonald in the 2000s. McDonald was succeeded by Hillary Clinton (2009-2017) and Lindsey Graham (2017-?), both Republicans. Curiously enough, this world did not see a Democratic split, mainly because Komodo forgot to include it this time.

The Whole World Is Watching is the third and final “classical” AIPverse game, this time focusing on a shrinking and increasingly-radical Democratic Party. This Democratic Party split, but the moderates kept a distinct identity, not joining the Republicans and instead backing them via fusion while the Democratic-Statehood Party remains defiant. However in 2012, there was a push for voters in the DSP primaries and convention to endorse any Republican, which showed that even the radicals were getting tired, even as the endorse movement was defeated. In 2016, the main Democratic Party decided to run Barack Obama, which successfully rebounded the party from its lethargic state, even at President Crist's cost as Michele Bachmann became President.

A Leadership of Hope is the first attempt at a “Dem-AIPverse”, an alternate world where the Republicans fell and the Democrats became the opponent to the AIP. Wilbur Hobby (1977-1981) and Ed Koch (1989-1997) was the Democratic Party's presidents in this world. However, it ended up being cancelled due to Komodo's decreasing interest in continuing it. The below TL could be called a spiritual successor in a sense.

Stand Up For America is the Keys To The White House AIPverse game, starting in 1976 and for the first time, giving the members a chance to decide all three parties' candidates. In the words of Fleetlord, “Komodo has traumatized the Democrats in this game into acting like… OTL Democrats”, as the Democrats of this world solidly rejected the New Left that found success in other games, instead nominating people like Henry Jackson, Hugh Carey, Reubin Askew and Al Gore, while the Republicans increasingly became libertarian and the “third party” of this world, thus making it into a “Dem-AIPverse”. Also, Phil Crane didn't become President in the '80s (unlike other AIPverse timelines), that honour went to Meldrim Thomson, Jr. of New Hampshire instead.

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