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Canada Federal Election Maps

Maps of OTL Canadian elections.


New Liberal leader and incumbent PM Pierre Trudeau transforms a minority into a majority government, in part due to his personal popularity ('Trudeaumania').


A slumping economy and the unpopular policy of official bilingualism leaves Trudeau's Liberals only two seats ahead of the Progressive Conservatives, but he continues as PM via a minority government.


Trudeau regains his majority in an election largely fought over spiralling inflation.


The first election which the Conservatives fought as a reunited party, but Paul Martin's Liberals remain the largest party and form a minority government


Stephen Harper's Conservatives win the most seats in a divided hung parliament and form the smallest minority government in Canadian history


Stephen Harper's Conservatives make gains but remain short of a majority, while the Liberals suffer losses under Stéphane Dion


In a very dramatic election, the Conservatives win a majority, the NDP smash the Bloc Québecois and achieve Official Opposition status, and the Liberals are reduced to a third party for the first time in Canadian history


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