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Taken directly off the main RP page. This still needs to be cleaned up by somebody who understands this more than I do. (As well as added to. I want add Drago's conclusion somewhere, but I'm running out of time.)


“In 1970, President Nixon signed the “Vigilante and Metahuman Act”, effectively making all costumed heroes and vigilantes who took up the costume as committing illegal acts. Though superheroes such as The Colonel, Liberties Sentinel, and Dawn's Light had served American interests through much of WWII and the early stages of the Cold War, tensions between East and West were raised by rogue heroes and vigilantes from both sides committing atrocities on foreign soil. With the fight between Captain Sickle and Mr. Deco in Philadelphia destroying much of the downtown in 1968, the American public turned against powered heroes and vigilantes, and public outcry grew.

With protests by American students effectively shutting down many campuses involving the war in Vietnam and Cambodia, extremist vigilantes in 1970 would create the media scandal which would lead to the passing of the VAMA through both the Senate and House with the violent February 22nd University of Michigan attack by the pro-war vigilante Eagle Talon, which left four students dead, and thirty-eighty wounded. Of those thirty-eighty, five would be permanently paralyzed by his actions. With American outrage growing, the act was quickly passed through Congress and signed by the President to placate the American public by October.

With the loss of confidence by not only the American people, but the American government, many vigilantes and metahumans quietly retired, accepting that their time had come to leave the scene. Other who could fled to other parts of the Solar System, forming small colonies and communities far away from normal humans.

However, the Nixon Administration was canny enough to use this to their advantage.

On December 13th, 1970, President Nixon and Congress secretly offered a deal to the remaining registered metahumans and vigilantes still under government contract. For clemency from past actions, and being given a clean slate to live their lives in peace, they would be asked to serve alongside American servicemen in Vietnam in either defeating or creating a stalemate against the Northern Vietnamese forces and the Viet Cong. Out of the known 130 registered, fifty-seven accepted.

As major victories were scored by the combined Vietnamese-American forces, and their hidden allies, the Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China argued and yelled in the United Nations that American use of metahumans, which had been documented by the television crews in Vietnam, presented an almost tantamount declaration of war against both of them.

However, before a United Nations Resolution concerning the use of metahumans could be decided upon, the North Vietnamese offered terms. Like Korea nearly twenty odd years before, North and South and Vietnam were split, though tensions remained high. Part of the final treaty that would split North and South required that before talks could continue, that all American heroes had to be pulled from Vietnam. In the end, while tensions ratched down by compliance by the United States, China would arm not only the North following the treaty, but also resistance and communist sympathizing groups in the South and nearby Cambodia.

President Nixon upon his re-election in 1972. While his decision to use metahuman in Vietnam was controversial, his ending the war garnered enough support to decisively carry the election. He would serve until 1977.

Out of the fifty-seven heroes who had registered to serve in Vietnam, forty-two would return to America to retire. The Golden Age of Superheroes had come to an end.

For the next two decades, superheroes would gradually decline into the background, as the political tensions of using them forced nations to either force heroes into retirement, or use vigilantes as covert special forces without government oversight. As the world began to settle down, the coming administrations in not only America, but abroad would quietly use heroes for some foreign policy needs, while openly denouncing them. Indeed, it was not hard to denounce new vigilantes, who were little more than muscled thugs, with large guns, ridiculous costumes, and little to no morals that even the old heroes held stock in. Going by names such as Ravens Beak, Young Terrors, and Terrific Defenders, their violent brand of vigilantism and “heroism” allowed numerous governments to crack down without fear of public outcry.

With the election of Jerry Brown in 1992 as President, it seemed America1 was emerging from its Republican Cold War atmosphere, and heading into the coming 21st century with a new approach to international and domestic affairs. Indeed, the landmark 1994 Supreme Court Case Lansfield vs the State of New York homosexual rights gained national attention, and won a small victory in the larger civil rights war. The largely positive Brown presidency, marred only by the rise of home-grown terrorism, and foreign terrorism.

Until 2008, the superhero and vigilante scene was quiet, with the violent “grunge” heroes retiring or dying of steroid drug overdoses in the late 90's. With the election of Strickland/Obama ticket in 2008, a rise in metahuman and vigilante activity was reported. Indeed, many were wondering if the Supreme Court would ever overturn VAMA with new justices and new tolerances from society towards costumed heroes.

And into this world enters you. The new generation of superhero, vigilante, metahuman, or magic wielder, after many heroes retired into the wilderness. You carry on your backs the history of the older generations of heroes, both the good and the bad. How will you react in this world of twenty-first century America? How will you deal with a nation that remembers the good and the bad of heroes, and this vastly different world?”

This clip by LordVetinari summed up the back story of this RP nicely, and seeing as how he was the person who created this RP, it would only be fair to credit him.

'WHATHG' started out as just a minor RP, with a medium arrangement of players, but soon picked up steam. After three months running, and 77 pages later, the game tragically died out. With the significant memory of this grande game still on all of the previous player's minds, Dragos Cel Mare and SargentHawk tag-teamed to create a prequel, set ten years after the end of the first game. Catching wind of this new game, almost all of the original characters from the first game made their reappearances in this new one. Starting off with a bang, 'The Heroes are Here, and so are the Villains' began.


Richard M. Nixon (1969-1977) (R-CA)
Ted Kennedy (1977-1985) (D-MA)
George H.W. Bush (1985-1993) (R-TX)
Jerry Brown (1993-2001) (D-CA)
Jeb Bush (2001-2009) (R-FL)
Ted Strickland (2009-2013) (D-OH)
Simon Maxwell (2013-) (R-NY)


You may add a short character bio here, if you want to.

A few of the main characters in 'WHATHG'

- Alexia Archer, Level 12 AI Android and Director of the NSA's Cyber Division

A few of the secondary characters in 'WHATHG'

- Adalrik Gärtner

A few of the main characters in 'THARASATV'

- Alexia 'Hexadecimal' Archer, Level 12 AI Android and Director of the NSA's Cyber Division, and sliding down the slippery slope to villainy
- Glen Addison, US Senator (R-MN) with presidential ambitions. Head of the Intelligentsia criminal empire and its creator a villain. Closet Meta-human (Incarcerated)
- Ronald 'Eagle' McLeod, relatively new member to the Justice Initiative. He is one of the best shots in the group, powered with mild meta-human abilities and his hearing defect.
- Ascot 'Dreamwalker' Cook
- Bruce 'Mr. Constitution' Haglen
- Exhoriano “X” Voclain (Dead)

A few of the secondary characters in 'THARASATV'

- Adalrik Gärtner
- Jason Gärtner
- Bobby Addison (Deceased)
- Hendriks (Incarcerated)
- Takahashi ' The Black Ninja' Nagato
- Steve 'Starfire' Fisher
- Jensen 'Solar Flare' Blackwood
- Aurore 'Jester' Marchand
- Nicolai 'Soul Collector' Borealis
- James Phonos

Non-cannon status of the global community:

- Russia is recovering from an economic breakdown, and Chinese-Russian relations are very strained. Russian-American relations are on edge due to the recent Embassy attacks by the Intelligentsia, as are Chinese-American relations.

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