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Thread Misreadings

Quite often, a thread's title (either a Discussion or news thread) will be misread as something amusing. If it is sufficiently amusing, the alternative reading will then be posted in ASB as a what-if.

Perhaps the most common misreading is 'Armenia' for 'America' and vice versa. Another common one is 'Netherlands' / 'Neanderthals'.

There is now a thread for posting these.

Some examples

“Invincible Giant Bees” becomes “Invisible Giant Bees”

“The Three Romes” becomes “The Three Ronnies”

“Zionist Uganda” becomes “Zombie Uganda”

“Netherlands bans sex with animals” becomes “Netherlands bans sex with Australia” or is simply truncated to “Netherlands bans sex”

“What if the Norse brought horses to America” becomes “What if the Norse brought houses to America” and, eventually, “What if the Nurse brought hearses to Armenia”

“All Drugs Catch Fire” becomes “All Dutch Catch Fire”

“Neville Longbottom kills Bellatrix Lestrange” becomes “Neville Chamberlain kills Bellatrix Lestrange”

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