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Like many people, AH.commers too frequently watch the telly (or “tube”, for you Americans), usually stuff that interests them, such as their favourite TV shows, or documentary films and series that interest them, etc., etc.

TV history

TV shows

Problems with watching Sharpe marathons on UK Gold

The Official British TV Thread

What is your favourite television series ?

Is the History Channel too US-centric ?

Worst British sitcoms ?

Best and Worst portrayals of Historical figures on film and TV

The Official Doctor Who News Thread

Raumpatrouille Orion

The Official Blake's 7 thread

Why Blake's 7 is important for the study of idealism and terrorism

Sky to produce pilot for Blake's 7 remake

Is it time for a remake of Blake's 7 ? and Blake's 7 Reboot ? and Potential Blake's 7 reboot ?

Jericho - TV show

Babylon 5 box set

Sherlock (Cumberbatch and Freeman version)

Game of Thrones Discussion

All Purpose Anime and Manga Discussion Thread I

All Purpose Anime and Manga Discussion Thread II

All-purpose Anime and Manga Art Thread

Worst Anime ever watched

Idle thoughts on Miyazaki Hayao's animés

Horrible Histories

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Thread

Sherlock Series Three

CBS Elementary

What's your opinion on your local voice acting ?

SyFy Channel plans "Man in the High Castle" TV miniseries

The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

Works of fiction that fail to live up to their potential

Your personal Headcanon

TV pitch ideas...

Spinoffs of current/recent TV shows you'd like to see

Favorite non-American TV shows ?

Russia ‘invades Norway’ in a new Red Dawn style TV series

Syfy's new Western, Defiance

True Detective

TV Shows No One Remembers

First Look at "Sherlock" Christmas Special

Wolf Hall - opinions

Steven Universe Discussion Thread

New X-Files - any good ?

Undernoticed ]arts of history that deserve a movie or miniseries ?

9 Ways to Tell if a New TV Show Is Going To Be Worth Watching

1000 things you learned from cartoons and anime

The Fan-Edited Movies/TV Shows Thread

The Westworld (HBO Series) Thread

Do you know of any alien planet mocumentaries comparable to Barlowe's 'Expedition' ?

Sherlock Series 4

Just started watching The Expanse

Robot Wars rebooted for BBC Two

Is UK's obsession with period drama pushing minority talents away ?

The Gifted Official Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Is Britannia any good ?

The City & The City

What are your favourite episodes of serialised television ?

Online shows

Official SF Debris discussion thread - Also here and here.

Official TGWTG Discussion - Discussion made during the heyday of the Channel Awesome/TGWTG site.

The #ChangeTheChannel kerfuffle - Discussion on the scandals surrounding that site in 2018.

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